Womens Fitness Secrets From Top Trainers

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Because women are no longer just housewives and mothers, but also have a career, many of them are becoming victims of a poor fitness regime and obesity. The stress of juggling both career and a home can lead to many health issues, including fatigue. The best solution to these problems is to pay more attention to womens fitness and start a workout routine. Top trainers share their secrets and give us the best fitness tips:

Exercise during workdays

Either you exercise at home or at the gym, the movement will actually energize you and strengthen your core. Working out during stressful workdays helps you sleep better, improves mental activity and boosts you immune system. Studies show that people who exercise on a regular basis have a better memory and concentration. Even walking for 45 minutes four times a week is enough to improve mental acuity. Try to eliminate excuses from your lifestyle. For example, if you complain that going to the gym takes too much of your spare time, you should check out some treadmills reviews. A treadmill is a comfortable way to exercise and you can even use it while watching TV or while supervising the children.

Effective training

According to a survey on 1,000 ACE-certified personal trainers, there are three techniques that have the best results. Interval training is a productive and efficient form of exercise. Start by walking for two minutes then run as hard as you can for two minutes. Alternate this pattern throughout the duration of a routine several times. The second technique involves 60 minutes a day of low or moderate cardio and aerobic exercises such as dancing, walking and running. The third technique aims to strengthen the muscles and tone the entire body. Even 20 minutes of strength training twice a week is enough for an effective womens fitness routine.

Row your boat

Before you begin a strength training, spend 10 minutes on a rowing machine. It is better than a stationary bike or treadmill because it strengthens your core and upper body, not just your gluteal muscles. It also gets the body flowing to all muscles and joints. Moreover, the rowing machine is considered primarily a lower-body workout. Introducing this activity your womens fitness routine can help you attain maximum physical shape in a short period of time.

Be consistent

The secret to a successful womens fitness program is to be consistent. No exercise regimen works if you don’t do it consistently. The difference between those who are successful and those who struggle and get no results is to do it every single day, even if you start slow. The best womens fitness tip is to be consistent, not fast. Start with 20 minutes on a treadmill and gradually increase the time and difficulty of your workouts. Running and walking are the most comfortable types of workouts. If you prefer these types of exercises, you should check out some home treadmills reviews as there are a lot of interesting models on the market.

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