Why You Should Invest in a Good Golf Rangefinder

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One of the most important golf instruction tips is to learn how to choose good beginner golf equipment. Golf rangefinders, along with golf swing analyzers, are the most common type of equipment used during a golf game in orde to improve the way a golfer performs a shot. Rangefinders are specialized measuring devices developed especially for golfers and nowadays then can be found both in online and land-based stores. Prices can vary from a couple of dollars and for the latest, state of the art rangefinders, you could even pay thousands – that is, if you decide to make the investment. And you should, because golf rangefinders offer many benefits that can help you develop as a golfer. Whether you have just picked up golf as a new hobby or you’ve been doing it for years, a rangefinder can really make your life easier.

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First of all, you will see that most golf instruction tips don’t focus on understanding the opponent as they do on understanding yourself, controlling your emotions, making calculations and understanding the terrain. Without a rangefinder, accuracy drops considerably, because it’s almost impossible to guess distances with the naked eye. When you have an accurate measurement tool at your disposal, not only can you assess your performance, but also know what needs to be improved. Golf is an exact sport and you cannot hope to evolve based on estimations alone. Rangefinders aren’t at all difficult to use, so you can get one even if you’re new to golf. Actually, the things that make the difference between basic and advanced rangefinders is the distance range, the number of seeking modes and the reading speed. Also, some devices are specially built for tournament use and they can provide accurate results even in low contrast and poor weather conditions. Therefore, the existence of tress in the background will not affect the accuracy of the readings.

Secondly, rangefinders are an essential tool of the trade for professional golfers and they should be a part of your starting kit. This might make you believe that these devices do not classify as beginner golf equipment, but the truth is that they can make a huge difference for any player. If you already have a specialized device, but you bought it a long time ago, then you should check out the latest models available. Technology evolves really quickly and rangefinder performance can change drastically in a matter of years. To make sure your old gadgets aren’t holding you back, stay up to date with golfer forums and review websites. Oftentimes, rangefinders are a matter of personal preference and if you ask several professional golfers what devices they would rather use on the course during a tournament, you will get different answers. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to experiment with different products, so if you don’t want to risk anything, you could start by researching the gadgets developed by the brand Bushnell. This optics and imaging company is mainly known for its range of rangefinders, which over the needs of beginners and experts alike. They offer dozens of designs, from basic and lightweight rangefinders for beginners to complex gadgets made for tournament use. To make sure you purchase the right product, make sure you read in-depth reviews and analyze the features that each rangefinder can offer you.