Why the Prasouda Diet can be a Wise Choice

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Obesity is already a major problem in the Western world and as funny as it may sound, it’s an ever-increasing one. While on the other side of the planet children starve or have to work in order to eat, Western children are allowed to eat almost anything they like. None of these sides should be accused of anything, but it becomes acutely obvious that some measures must be taken and some balance found. Although we as individuals cannot solve world hunger, we can at least do our parts and try to live responsibly, no longer taking advantage of this consumerist society, or at least preventing it from taking advantage of us.

All this can be done by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as the Prasouda diet. The Prasouda diet is in fact more than a diet, and it can be a way of living; many compare it or mistake it for the Mediterranean diet and it is true that they have a lot in common. That is because they come from the same part of the world; what this diet has different is that it demands physical activity as well, such as taking long walks, dancing or just keeping active somehow. Moreover, the recipes and  foods that are used in this diet are indeed based on the Mediterranean diet.

Unlike all these new diets that come up every year only to be forgotten the next, and which are difficult to test or prove to be unreliable, the Prasouda diet characterizes generations and generations of people who have been leading this kind of lifestyle for hundreds of years and who, unlike Westerners, don’t have obesity-related issues. The people living in these areas are so healthy that they are called “blue zones”, especially where living over one hundred years old is very common. Moreover, the Prasouda has also been backed up by medical research, and institutions like the Mayo Clinic support it.

Although it is not intended for weight loss but for a healthy lifestyle free of illness, the Prasouda can be used to that effect as well. Nevertheless, the foods that are in question here check almost all categories; the diet is rich in carbohydrates, it recommends a lot of dense vegetables, olives and olive oil, seeds and nuts, fiber fruits, eggs, fish and chicken meat. Compared to Western cuisine, the fats used here are much healthier, and the diet is based on seasonal foods as well, which brings a balanced variety. Given the fact that this diet is rich in natural ingredients, it is also very good for the skin. If you think that you will have a healthy skin just by following trendy beauty routines such as the Kim Kardashian skin care, then you need to get your facts right. Beauty comes from the inside and only by having a healthy diet will you be able to have a beautiful skin.

Like we said, the Prasouda diet is much more than just food; how you consume the food is highly essential. For Mediterraneans, a meal has several courses and it can last a long time; the food is consumed in a relaxed manner, and it can be accompanied by a glass of red wine. After the meal, a bit of relaxation is required, and a cup of coffee can help. Getting up for a walk after the short siesta is an ideal thing, and it helps the metabolism. So if you want to be slim and beautiful, forget about beauty trends such as the Kim Kardashian skin care and focus on a healthy life. If you do so, your beauty will be natural and effortless.

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