Why Should Home Movie Makers Use a Video Editor

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Video editor is an essential software for home movie makers who spend most of their time filming videos. It gives you the tools you need to edit the clips that are not nice. With just some simple editing, your video can reach professional standard like the videos that have attained high popularity on YouTube. It is not just useful for editing mistakes made during video filming but it is also handy for the addition of important parts like title, soundtrack, slow/fast motion, and transitions. 

To make a successful video, you do not need to spend a few hundred dollars to buy a professional video editor. A simple video editing software program, for example, Movavi Video Editor is just what you need to make your professional YouTube movie. Customers can go to the Movavi site to download the software and start using it to edit their videos.

The first step is to get your video added into the timeline area in the Movavi Video Editor. The footage is added by drag and drop into the video track in the timeline. The next step is to play the video and edit the mistake as you spot it. You’ll see a bar above the timeline that contains the main editing tools. When you spot a clip that you want to delete, you simply pull the red marker over to the start point and then let go. After that, you must drag the marker again to the end point and click the trash can icon in the bar.

You can make changes to the position of the clip by clicking on the rotate button. Each rotation will make your photo rotate by 90 degree. If there is a need to reduce the video size, you may want to use the crop tool to crop your video. You’ll have to move the crop frame to cover the part you want to retain and press the crop button to crop it.

Movavi Video Editor also let you merge together multiple footage and soundtracks in the timeline to create a storyboard. It is the same step as when you add the initial video. You drag the additional footages or soundtrack into the timeline and the move them into the correct position with the cursor of your mouse. When creating a storyboard, you must be able to see things the same way like the audience. In this way, you will know how to arrange the clip to form the story you want to tell.

Movavi Video Editor features a built in library of transitions that you can use freely to make your videos more impressive. The transitions library is accessible through the third button on the left. You will find transition effects that slide, blur, fade, ripple, or wipe into another clip. You must drag the transition clip to the space in between the two clips where you want it to display. The key is to add the transition in the right place so that the whole video is smooth.

With Movavi Video Editor, you can add titles and credits to your video through the text tab on the left. There are lots of text templates. To use a text template, you simply drag it to the area above the clip in the timeline and double click on it to see the editable text block in the preview area. You can select the color and font style for the text above. The added text can be moved to any position by dragging it with your cursor. In the timeline, you can drag the end of the text block to extend the duration it display in the video.

Movavi Video Editor gives you the ability to tweak the audio quality in the properties setting. To adjust your audio, you must click the gear button and go to the Audio tab. The audio properties allow you to tweak settings like audio effects, equalizer, noise level, and volume level by dragging a slider.