Why Do You Need an Air Purifier?

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Air pollutants can come in many shapes. When we think about pollution, we often associated with toxic car fumes. However, gas fumes are but one of the countless technology generated air contaminants. In fact, each room of the home contains certain pollution generating elements. Generally, it is the items you use in order to make your life easier which are most dangerous. In this article, we will tell you about the air contaminants specific to each room of the house. Once you have read this article, you will never again second guess the necessity of owning an air purifier and you will want to pay more attention when you read air purifier reviews.

The attic

Starting from the top towards the bottom, the attic is a perfect environment for countless types of air pollutants. Asbestos, insulation, and fiberglass are just a few of the elements found in your attic which can cause air pollution. Furthermore, the heavy layers of dust found in the attic are a perfect growing environment for multiple types of bacteria. If you are planning on turning the attic into a living space, you might want to check out some air purifiers and see which is the best one for filtering toxic chemicals such as asbestos and insulation fumes.

The bathroom

The excess humidity of the bathrooms makes for a perfect environment for bacteria development. Mold and mildew also flourish in high humidity environments. Furthermore, a lot of hygiene products found in the bathroom such as body spray or hair spray are also polluting the air. If you don’t have a whole house water filter system, the air in your home is also contaminated by chlorine vapors emitted by hot water.

The garage

The main air contaminant found in the garage is the CO2 emitted by your car. Furthermore, the garage is also the place where most people store pesticides, herbicides, solvents, cleaning agents, paint, and many other chemical products.

The basement

Just like the attic, the basement is a part of a home which does not benefit from regular cleaning which means that it has plenty of dust mites. Furthermore, the high humidity levels of the basement, make this room even more toxic than the attic. As the basement is often a storage room, it contains a lot of chemical products. In a nutshell, the basement is probably the most toxic area of a home.

These 4 areas of a house are a lot more polluted than the rest of the rooms. Nevertheless, don’t think that the rest of your rooms are pollution free. Carpets, melamine furniture, office equipment and fireplaces are just a few of the common household elements which can cause pollution, The only way of purifying a home or air pollutants is to purchase a whole house air purifier. However, when you read air purifier reviews, make sure to avoid the models which generate ozone as this element can be very toxic to your lungs.