What Type of Snow Blower Should You Get?

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Winter is on its way and the snow will become one of our biggest problems. There may be a lot of tools which can help you remove the snow, but the snow blowers are some of the most efficient units you can find on the market. As such, if you are thinking about buying a snow blower, this article can help you decide what type of snow blower should you get.

Opt for a single-stage electric snow blower

The single-stage electric snow blowers are ideal for decks and walkways. Moreover, these types of snow blowers are some of the quietest and lightest models on the market. Most people are choosing them because they are easy to use and to maintain. A single-stage electric snow blower has a plastic auger which pulls is the snow and throws it once. These units are usually 19-22 inches wide, the limiting factor being their height and not the width.

Choose a single-stage gas unit

The single-stage gas snow blowers are perfect options for mid-sized and paved walkways with typical snow levels. This means that you can use it for snow levels of less than 8 inches. Most householders are choosing this type of unit because they are not limited by a cord. Furthermore, the single-stage gas snow blower can clear more than 20 inches and offer electric starting. You should also know that their gas engine is four-cycle and it uses only straight gasoline. However, the single-stage gas blowers are not a good option for gravel driveways.

Buy a two-stage gas snow blower

The two-stage gas snow blower is the biggest and the toughest units of this branch. They are used for wide and long walkways with snow levels above 10 inches. Most of these models have the ability to clear a swath up to 25 inches wide. Moreover, they have some driven wheels which can handle steeper inclines. Despite their massive form, the two-stage gas snow blowers are using an auger and a fan-like impeller to pick up and throw snow. There are also several models of snow blowers which have a second impeller for breaking up packed snow. This can be found in front of the auger. Furthermore, these units are ideal for clearing snow on the gravel, because their auger doesn’t touch the ground. However, if you are thinking about buying a two-stage gas unit, you should know that it’s quite expensive and it can take up more storage space than other models.

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