Ways to Expand Your House Out

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People have many different reasons for adding a room to their home. Most notably, if you are expecting a baby and need an additional bedroom, finding building designers who are capable of adding a room to your current home is cheaper than buying a new house. A growing family can definitely benefit.

However, it is not possible to simply tack on a new room. There’s planning to, among other things, make sure the new addition works structurally and stylistically. This will help to maximize the value of your home the day you do decide to sell.

The goal is to make the addition look like it was part of your house from day one. Any reputable building contractor will not want to do shoddy work. The company knows that a happy customer will tell others. Likewise, an unhappy customer will tell more people.

This means that if your house has casement windows and wide plank floors, the new room should match that design. Hiring the right contractors will ensure that your new addition project is successful.

In addition to welcoming a new member to your family, here are six more reasons you may want to expand.

1. You Need an Extra Bathroom

If you have small children, you probably use your bathroom for peaceful quiet times. Being parents of older children, particularly teenagers, you know they also love to spend hours in the bathroom too, albeit for different reasons.

Therefore, adding an extra bathroom can bring you moments of solitude. The addition may also keep your entire house peaceful when everyone has a special place to retreat.

2. Extra Bedroom for Aging Parents

Even if you are not expanding your family with a newborn, you or your spouse might have aging parents. Putting them in a nursing home is probably not the most desirable decision. Adding another bedroom where they can have some privacy and still be near parents is a good idea.

3. Kitchen Expansion

Have you outgrown your kitchen? Sometimes, the kitchen is inconveniently arranged or simply too small. If opening the pantry door is not possible without bumping your dishwasher, you may need more space.

Hitting you head on the cabinet door is another indicator that it is time to remodel and add more space.

4. Mud Room

How many times do you remind your children and guests to remove their dirty shoes before walking across your pearly white rug? Too often? Well, adding a mud room can make it easier. Keep clutter and shoes in one place.

5. Backyard Sunroom

It is wonderful when you can be outdoors in your bathrobe, yet still maintain a sense of privacy. That is what you get with a sunroom addition. The name is not an indication that you will get some vitamin D, but it is definitely another room you can add to your home for enjoyment. A sunroom may also help to increase the resale value.

6. Swimming Pool

While you are adding a sunroom, maybe you could do more backyard enhancements by adding a swimming pool. This is great for any family that enjoys spending time outdoors together. Truthfully, a swimming pool is a magnet during hot summer months. Adding a pool is an excellent way to entertain family and friends.

Use these examples and add to your house if you want to increase its value or simply need more space to enjoy life.