Vintage Motorcycle Racing

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Motorcycles have always been one of men’s greatest passions, ever since their invention, because they allowed us to experience speed and adrenaline on an even more direct level than cars. Unlike automobiles, which protect you with their framework, seat belts and now even airbags, all that can protect you on a motorcycle is the protective equipment and your own skills. Today, these two-wheelers are faster than ever, with some performing models reaching even 300 km/h. All these achievements haven’t stopped us from pushing the envelope and trying to get better results, nor did it stop us from appreciating those older models which used to break the records of their times. Thus, vintage motorcycle racing is something that is still organized around the world.

Vintage motorcycle racing events are organized by those who have a special passion for motors and speed, but who know how to appreciate the ingenuity and art of older models as well. In that respect, the United States is probably the country with most racing events of this kind, and with the largest community of people who own and admire such bikes. Whether they’re speed motorcycles, choppers, dirt bikes or some other kind, people like to gather and admire each other’s pieces, and even offer prizes for some of the most well-maintained motors.

New Jersey is one of the states which organizes vintage motorcycle racing competitions each year; people come from all over the country to show off their motorcycles, to compare them with similar models, to meet people with the same passions as well. Some people come to buy vintage motorcycles or swap them with their own, they come to discuss about parts that are not so easily found nowadays, and to participate in competitions. Utah is another state which supports this phenomenon and holds events like this every year.

These vintage motorcycle racing competitions allow the participation of motorcycles that are no longer in production and could not compete with motorcycles produced now. In order to maintain some form of fair-play, the races are organized by engine displacement and production period. Road racing and vintage motorcross are the most popular forms of competition, and the only equipment allowed to the riders has to be from the same period as their motorcycles, the only concessions being made for tires and safety equipment.

The pieces need to be at least 25 years old to be considered vintage and thus allowed to participate in competitions; thus, most motorcycles which participate are from the 1970s, though some from the 1980s are generally allowed as well.

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