Valentine Crafts

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The holiday of love is approaching; what can show your love more than something crafted with your own hands? Something handmade is more personal than anything on the market. When you create something with your own hands, you put soul into it, it evokes you personality, your thoughts, your preferences. It has your mark all over it. There is no gift more personal, more expressive and meaningful than Valentine crafts.
The following Valentine crafts are great for both adults and children, they are easy to make and do no require too much skill.

Hand-print Heart  
A hand-print heart from your child is a wonderful gift and moreover, a wonderful souvenir. It is also a very quick way to make Valentine crafts. All you need is pink and purple paint or any other colours you like (as long as they are appropriate for Valentine’s Days) and a piece of paper. Dip your hand in pink paint and, keeping your fingers together, put your hand-print on the center of the paper. Using your other hand, repeat the process, but this time dipping your hand into the purple paint and overlapping the fingers with the pink hand-print.

Message Cupcakes  
Forget the traditional candy hearts for Valentine’s Day! This year try baking cupcakes, any type you and your dear one like, and put little conversation cards with anything you would like to share on top. The materials needed are: a card stock, lollipop sticks (depending on how many cupcakes you want to bake), scissors and paper punch to make a conversation cloud-like label (or any paper punch you want). Use the paper punch to give the paper the shape you want, but make sure you can write your message on the paper. Attach a lollipop stick at the back of each label and then decorate your cupcakes with the obtained messages.

Fortune “Love” Cookies   
These Fortune “love” cookies are made using the same process as fortune cookies. You need a fortune cookie recipe; place your love note into the baked cookies and here you have it, your own delicious and also meaningful Valentine crafts.
These are only a few of the many Valentine crafts you can make to impress your love ones, including your children, but there are lots of other Valentine ideas for handmade gifts that will surely be appreciated by your love ones. You just need to find what works for you and, of course, for the person  you are crafting it for.

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