Useful Tips for Booking the Best Accommodations in Florence Oregon

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Florence is the jewel of the Oregon Coast. The town itself is great to visit, as it features numerous historic buildings, not to mention some gorgeous views of the Siuslaw river and the bridge. Moreover, Florence offers easy access to the most interesting tourist attractions on the Oregon Coast, from the sea lion caves to the amazing sand dunes. It is the best town to stay in if you want to enjoy the best that the coast has to offer. There are numerous accommodations to choose from, but finding the best one, depends on your individual needs.

The best Florence Oregon hotels for history fans

As we already mentioned, Florence has a strong historic vibe, and many of the inns that you will find here have a rich history. If you can afford to spend over $300 per night, you should consider the Haceta Lighthouse. Dating since 1894, the lighthouse is located on a steep cliff with gorgeous views of the sea. However, it is quite hard to get there and it is very isolated from the rest of the attractions. If you are looking for a more affordable historic inn, with a more convenient location, consider the Lighthouse Inn, one of the most charming Florence Oregon hotels. It is a very old inn that has been running without a break since 1938. The inn has a warm, rustic vibe, completed by the antique furniture and the gorgeous surroundings. It is only a block away from the Old Down Town and only a short drive away from the beach and the sand dunes.

The best accommodations for families

If you are traveling with the whole family, including the children and the pets, we recommend the Ocean Breeze motel. It is affordable, clean and it has outdoor recreation areas for kids as well as fenced areas for pets. It is never easy to find a pet-friendly hotel, but this shouldn’t stop you from traveling with man’s best friends. Though slightly more expensive, the Best Western Pier Point Inn is also a great choice for families with children. It has a nice view of the river and an amazing interior pool which also overlooks the river. It is also famous for its appetizing breakfast, and we are sure that all children will enjoy the delicious custom omelettes.

The best choice for sea lovers

If you are looking to be as close to the beach as possible, then you should definitely stay at the Driftwood Shores Resort and Conference Center. It is actually the only oceanfront hotel in Florence. They have a wide variety of room types with gorgeous views of the sea. They also have an indoor pool and they offer adventure packages which include a wide variety of fun activities including horseback riding or dune surfing.