Understanding the Main Types of Fans

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Fans are useful in changing the air temperature at home or at the office due to their air blowing technology that can blow cold air in order to lower the temperature. These devices offer you control over the surroundings and are easier to use and more comfortable than the bulky air conditioners. You can use fans for cooling by simply venting the air at home and their performance depends on various aspects. There are many types of fans and the only way you can choose the best one for you is by understanding the main types of fans.

Desk fans

These are usually small-sized devices that can be placed on the table or on a nightstand and deliver an instant breeze of cool air meant to make you feel more comfortable during hot days. They range in size from 18 cm to 30 cm and use spinning blades that circulate the air in the room. Being small units that sit on desks, they are suitable for homes and offices for personal cooling.

Tower fans

This type of fan is one of the most efficient and it can be used in any room size although the slim design makes it perfect for small rooms with little space. As you will see in most tower fan reviews, these fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging in heights up to 50”, which is what makes them so efficient. The height allows them to distribute the heat on a larger area as there are several fans placed inside the device from top to bottom. If you read some tower fan reviews, you will see that the best units also include an oscillating feature, which maximizes the air circulation and deliver a lasting cool air.

Pedestal fans

This fan looks like the desk fan with the difference that it has a long leg that keeps the rotating fan at a certain height above the ground in order to ensure a wider air circulation. It uses large blades that can ventilate high amounts of air for excellent air cooling performance. The sturdy base keeps them stable and you can also find models with adjustable height.

Ceiling fans

This type of fan is usually installed around light fittings and are designed to cool the air in the room. The long and wide blades that rotate from above ensure a wide coverage and circulate the air with high power that results in a powerful air breeze. Ceiling fans are as efficient as air conditioners but far more affordable and can be installed in any room with minimum effort.