Understanding and Applying the Principles of Self Development

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Self development, also known as personal development, is a complex process that includes various activities and exercises which are aimed at helping people overcome their shortcomings and achieve their dreams. Personal development is often confused with self help which is only a small part of the improvement process. Personal improvement can be applied at an individual level but it can also be applied within an institution or organization in order to improve the skills of the employees.

Self awareness
The ability to recognize ourselves as individuals within a society is called self awareness. This process is supposed to help individuals separate themselves from the environment and from other individuals by recognizing the things that make them special. Discovering our personal identity is the first step in a healthy self development process. Only by being honest with ourselves can we achieve the goals that make us happy instead of the goals that society dictates.

Self knowledge is the second step after self awareness. It is the ability to define ourselves and our goals combined with the desire to improve ourselves and find our own path to follow in life. There are many aspects that contribute to a healthy personal development process such as building self esteem, developing skills and talents, improving financial situation, spiritual evolution, improving potential,developing career opportunities, improving quality of life, improving health, fulfilling desires, personal autonomy, entrepreneurship, defining and executing self development plans, improving social skills and so on. Every person needs to find a balance in the efforts dedicated to each activity as they are all important in a healthy integration into society. While some may need to focus on improving their self esteem, others will have to work towards building skills and achievements.

What can you do in order to improve yourself?
The industry of self development has many sides and activities. Given the wide variety of changes it is very hard to choose the ones that are right for oneself. However it is important to find the things that make us happy and help us improve our life. Some people may be helped by self help books while others need activities that require more effort such as fitness, yoga, education and so on. Self improvement is a concept which can be found everywhere around us. In order to be able to improve yourself it is important to acknowledge our identity, hopes and aspirations and then do everything that it takes in order to make our dreams come true.

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