Transform Your Interior Into a Cat Friendly Environment

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Cat lovers always think about ways to make their home appear friendlier to their cats! They always buy cat toys and spread them inside their house and their cats are very happy because they have what to play with and they love their masters more in return. It’s good and useful to invest in such equipment especially if you own more than a cat! Do you? Don’t worry if you don’t, you can buy this kind of cat furniture and buy a second cat afterwards!

Cat Tower Castle

This tower castle is like a beautiful lounge place for cats. They have plenty of room to walk around, to mark their territory and to get cozy inside some fluffy pillows. So nice it almost makes you wanna turn into a cat yourself?

Lotus Cat Tower

This is a lovely piece of furniture that fits many types of home decors. It looks stylish and elegant.

Cat Tree House

Who says that you cannot integrate a cat tree into a feng shui zen environment. If you are looking for this kind of apparel, you’ve just found your item! Your home environment will seem friendlier for your cat. Your little pet will be so peaceful and calm in a cat tree house because the energies will make it calm down.

Modern Cat Tower

If you are looking for an airy piece of furniture to match to your home decor then this modern cat tower is for you. It even has a cat scratching post on it so your cat can nicely mark its territory. You wouldn’t guess what this piece of furniture were if you didn’t see a cat sit on it! Neither your guests!

Sunflower Cat Tree

This is a perfect piece of furniture to be placed in your child’s room. You will make your cat get used to spending more time with your child.

Jack & Beanstalk Cat Tree

This is the fairy tale version of a fluffy cat tree.

Square Boxes Cat Wall Decor

Now, if you have many cats and you need many cozy pillows then probably this design is the most suitable for you. Since it’s so easy to make it you can build it yourself! Just make sure that when you place the boxes on your wall, they form a play path!