Top Five Tips For Dressing Your Groomsmen

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Your wedding will most likely be one of the few times in your life that you will have to worry about dressing a group of men. However, your groomsmen’s style will help set the tone for your wedding, so you’re definitely going to want to be involved in helping them choose their outfits. This can be confusing since there isn’t as much information readily available for groomsmen as there is for brides, grooms, or bridesmaids. To keep your groomsmen looking spiffy (and keep your head on straight while doing it), we have the following tips:

1. Matching is no longer necessary

It used to be that groomsmen all wore the exact same suit with a tie or bowtie that matched the wedding colors. This has become much more lenient now and you can incorporate a bit more personality into your groomsmen’s clothing options. While it might be visually striking to have all matching suits, you’re asking your buddies to drop a lot of money for the honor of being in your wedding. Instead, you can give your friends the options of wearing suits in a similar vein of colors with matching accessories.

2. Give the guys a choice

If you don’t want to be militant about the dress code, you could offer advice or a general theme to your groomsmen. JJsHouse designer Jessica suggests matching ties and vests that can draw from the color theme of the wedding, which may also be reflected in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Most guys will have a plain gray, black, or navy suit that they can wear for the occasion.

3. Set some basics and choose the shoes

You can (and should) set some demands on your groomsmen’s wardrobe. For one, the suit they wear should be expected to fit well and be in good condition, and it should be of a specific shade. This is so that you can choose your groomsmen’s shoes. We’re firm believers in choosing shoes since they give a cohesive, put-together look and they don’t break the bank.

4. Themes can be cool but should be done with caution

Recent years have shown an uptick in the use of themed weddings, like The Great Gatsby, but asking your groomsmen to wear a 1920s chic double-breasted suit might be asking for a bit much. If you are having a themed wedding, be accommodating to your groomsmen and understand that they may not want to—or have the resources to find—these unique suits. Instead, let them dress up a basic suit in some themed accessories.

5. Relax

I know, you hear it over and over again, but trying to police every little aspect of your wedding is going to wipe you out. At some point, you’ll just need to let go and remember that your groomsmen are your friends. They’re there to help out, to watch you get married, and to have fun. You don’t want to alienate them by dictating every little detail.