Top 5 hobbies that can make you rich

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The myth that you need to work as a doctor, lawyer or engineer to earn a lot of money has long been debunked. As the work market is becoming more and more varied, people from all over the world can have jobs that didn’t even exist in the past century, but that can now bring a pretty solid income. Most importantly, activities that are generally seen as hobbies can be turned into a stable, profitable professions with the right strategies and attitudes. Although getting rich from them takes a lot of work and the beginning will be a bit tough, the results are worth it, because you will be able to make a living from something you like, not a stressful and boring job.


Sewing and designing clothes

In a time where trendy clothes are mass-produced and sweatshops and sold for $2, the value of unique, quality garments has increased a lot. If you own a sewing machine and words like bobbins, stitch patterns and embroidery techniques don’t sound like rocket science, then you may have a seat in the fashion world. Designing and sewing clothes is a profitable hobby, especially if you know how to market your creations. Whether you start a blog with tips about sewing machines and sewing patterns or you actually sell the clothes you make, in time, you will start earning a lot of money. One efficient way of selling custom handmade clothes is by creating a seller account on Etsy, which is the biggest marketplace for vintage and handmade goods. Once you achieve a certain reputation, you can even create your own e-commerce site to sell clothing items.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most requested services these days and, if it happens to be one of your hobbies, you’re in luck. There are many freelance websites where you can submit your designs for companies looking for logos or website design or take part in contests where you can win hundreds for one single design. The market is in need of designers nowadays, so there is always a project out there for you. The first few clients will be harder to find, but once you start gaining experience and building an online portfolio, opportunities will come rolling.


Are you naturally talented at expressing your thoughts in writing, be it in your native language or a foreign one? In the 21st century, it’s a practical skill to have, because professional content writers are in great demand. You can be a blogger yourself and monetize your blog, but, if you can’t find your niche or don’t have the patience to monetize, you can write for others. Some of the best opportunities include guest blogging and SEO copywriting, but you can also create content for websites or texts for commercials and advertorials. If you’re not afraid to tackle greater projects, you can also look into ghostwriting or creative writing. For most projects, general knowledge of a certain language is enough, but, if you specialize in a certain field, you can broaden your horizons and try technical writing. The beauty of writing as a full time job is that you can make your own schedule and choose your projects based on your creative flow.


Painters and artists in general are seen as “vulnerable” work groups, because they find jobs much harder and when they do, they’re not the best paid. This is still true in some regions, but, thanks to the opportunities offered by the Internet, painters now have access to a much wider range of work opportunities. Art prints and painting have become one of the top rated items of interior design and the more interesting they are, the better. Whether you are good at watercolors, abstract paintings, portraits, or landscape, there is an international audience to whom you can sell. Just like in the case of sewing, it’s best to start from a marketplace like Etsy, because you’ll get more exposure.


If you’re in love with the smell of paper and to you the perfect afternoon is strolling through a stationary store, looking at notebooks and planners, then we have a way to turn your passion into profit. Starting a small, stationery business can turn into a massive success if you find the right market to promote yourself. With minimum investments, you can make novelty items such as creative cards and notebooks. The key to succeeding in such a competitive business is to come up with designs that don’t exist anywhere else, so be as creative as possible and don’t be afraid to combine colors and patterns in a unique way!