Top 5 Best Dehumidifier Reviews

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If you have too much moisture in your home, the dehumidifier is an inexpensive solution which effectively gets rid of condensation, moisture and musty odors. It’s especially useful in winter when the humidity increases due to the heat and lack of ventilation. If your home is affected by humidity, you might want to learn more about these devices. We advise you to visit where you will find all the information required for finding the best dehumidifier for your needs. If you don’t have time for research, we made a top of 5 of the best dehumidifiers. We hope that these short dehumidifier reviews will help you make the best choice.

AriaDry Compact Dehumidifier 30L DDS 30COMBI

The DELONGHI DDS30 Combi which costs $499.99 is a dehumidifier with a double function: dehumidification and heating. It allows you to achieve the desired level of humidity in the room, with its integrated humidistat function. The ceramic technology offers a very precise temperature control.
This humidifier features a laundry function which when selected, it will perform at its maximum power, thus clothes will dry faster. Also, the dehumidification tank capacity is around 4.5 litres. Moreover, it features a PTC Heating system Element which improves the dehumidifying capacity by adding heat to the process. As for the power consumption, it is measured in 330W.

Stadler Form Albert Air Dehumidifier

The simple design of the dehumidifier, available on the market at $395.00, is signed by Swiss designer Matti Walker. It has a digital display with control knob and electronic humidistat. It is also very quiet.
The built-in humidistat lets you precisely control the desired relative humidity in your room, and reduce energy consumption. The window on the side of the dehumidifier indicates the tank fill level.
Frost electronic control allows for low temperature operation, up to 5 ° C. The power consumption is estimated at 210W, which provides low costs, compared to other dehumidifiers. It comes with a humidistat, to set the desired relative humidity in the room, an electronic frost position, an electronic indication of the full tank and other great features, such as an air outlet with swing mode and 2 years warranty.

DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier

The DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier costs $314.89. It is a compact and light dehumidifier which works without gas or compressor and is economical to use.
It has a dryer function which allows scanning of the air outlet. It is suitable for volumes up to 150 m3.
The water can be discharged in three ways. It can be collected directly into a tank located within the unit. If you can not regularly empty the tank, opt for permanent disposal and connect the small drain hose that comes with the device.
Also, electric control panel allows you to monitor and program the humidity and temperature in the room. Via the control panel you program all functions easily.


For a healthier environment, LG has developed a range of products to fight humidity and offer cleaner air. These products allow you to preserve a normal level of humidity.
The LG LD650EAL device is only $238. Thanks to its digital display and electronic controls you can watch all the time the humidity in your home. The full bucket indicator with auto shut-off prevents overflow, while the convenient handle allows the removable front water bucket to be emptied more easy.

Duracraft DD-TEC10E Dehumidifier

The Duracraft DD-TEC10E Dehumidifier is available on the market at $272.39. If one can assign a primary quality for the Duracraft DD-TEC10E is its discretion. On one hand in continuous use, the sound level of the device does not exceed 45 decibels, which is a great feature for dehumidifiers. Another great feature consists in the capacity of this device (condensation / day) which is 10 L. Also, the simple and elegant design will merge with any house decor.