Tips and Tricks for Understanding Men

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Most men are simple and are looking for the same thing, a loyal woman who is not needy and who makes them feel special. A smart, successful and independent woman can have a hard time understanding men and reading the signs. If you are considering starting dating, already dating or in a relationship, the following tips and tricks will get you on the right path to understanding men and the overall family life and relationships.

  • A man cannot be pressured into commitment

Pressuring a man into something he is not ready for can cause him to panic and run in the opposite direction. It is not hard to determine whether a man is or is not committed to family life and relationships. The first months of dating should give you on idea about what he wants and if you are on the same page. Feeling the need of bringing up the discussion about where you are in the relationship, means he is probably somewhere else. Having “the talk” with an unsure man won’t bring him closer to a decision. If he doesn’t know if you should be together, move on to someone who does and appreciates you.

  • Men like compliments

Due to the fact that men don’t receive compliments as much as women do doesn’t mean they don’t like it just as much as we do. Complimenting a man is an easy way to get his attention and differentiate yourself from other girls. A natural compliment will make him love you even more, especially if he has a hidden narcissistic side. Only give compliments you mean, because as much as they like to be acknowledged, men dislike lies.

  • Men like to feel like heroes

The key to understanding men is to make them feel like heroes. Many women belittle their partners by making them feel like children and talking down to them. This causes husbands and boyfriends to feel lesser of a man. The risk is that someday he will leave or meet someone who makes him feel good. If you want your man respect and love you unconditionally, make him feel worthy and appreciated. So take the time to surprise him as well, because it isn’t only a man’s job to prepare surprises for his girlfriend or wife; set up things like a family life cruise, an activity which can be spent and enjoyed together, and which will also give him plenty opportunities to reiterate his masculinity and protective nature. A family life cruise can be an adventure where you reconnect and rediscover yourselves in a new setting, thus getting to know each other even better and learning to appreciate new things in each other.

  • Men want to be taken care of

Although most of the time they want to feel like heroes, men do have a softer side and sometimes they want to be taken care of. Surprising him with a home-cooked dinner when he gets home from work, or reminding him about the doctor’s appointment are small things that can make a difference. Moreover, men also like to be pampered. When it comes to marriage anniversaries, Valentine’s day and other romantic moments, women like all the action to revolve around them. However, men would also like to be spoiled on these occasions. Perhaps, you should also spend some time looking for Valentines gift ideas for him instead of just waiting around for him to come with the perfect gift. Moreover, when looking for Valentines gift ideas for him, look for things that he would actually like to have, not things that you think he needs.

  • Men appreciate independent women

The biggest mistake a woman cam make is to make a man the center of her universe. Men don’t like partners whose life revolves around them. Women who have a hard time understanding men believe that they want all the attention, and as a consequence drop everything when they are involved in a relationship, including hobbies, friends and family members. The most boring thing for your boyfriend or husband is to get home to a woman who has done nothing all day than wait for him.