Three Ways to Make Your Life Cleaner and Greener

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We all know how important it is to practice good green habits, such as recycling and saving water, in order to help preserve our planet. Yet, more and more research continues to show that going green is important not just for the planet but for our own health as well. By utilizing green practices in your home and office, you are creating a healthy environment for yourself and your family. Toxic chemicals are harmful to the earth and us. That is why it is doubly important that you take steps to ensure that you are living and working in non-toxic spaces. Here are three great tips to creating a healthier, greener life today!

Pay Attention to How You Clean

Keeping a clean home is definitely a good way to stay healthy. Germs and bacteria are never a great thing for the human body to be exposed to. Unfortunately, many cleaning products are chalked full of dangerous toxins. While we may think that we are creating a cleaner, healthier space, we are actually exposing ourselves and our families to dangerous chemicals. The best thing to do is find cleaning products which are all natural or plat-based. Better yet, make your own! Baking soda and vinegar are tough stain fighting agents which can be used to clean almost any surface. It is also important to remember that you should regularly vacuum your carpets to get out any dangerous materials that can be tracked in from the outside environment.

Reconsider Your Beauty Products

Any product being applied directly to your body has the ability to have the biggest impact on your health. That is why you want to choose beauty products that are free from dangerous chemical and toxins that can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer. In most cases, we are not yet sure what the long term repercussions of applying high concentrations of chemicals on our body even is yet. Start by phasing out any products with ingredients that you do not recognize or cannot pronounce. Look for items that say “paraben fee” or “organic” to replace these with. You can also handmake many products, just like you would with cleaning supplies. Your body (and the environment) will thank you!

Watch What You Eat

Like beauty products, it is vitally important to consider the food that you are eating. Most processed foods contain dangerous chemicals which are used to preserve the items long past the time that they should be consumed. The best thing to do here is begin incorporating more organic foods into your diet and meals. If you are especially ambitious you can also grow your own organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Sites like the Impatient Farmer have great tips for beginners who want to start organic gardens or farms.

By incorporating these easy routines into your everyday life you will create a healthier life for both yourself and the planet.