Things you should know about levitating speakers

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Floating speakers have become an extremely popular item among audiophiles and gadget enthusiasts. Offering an audio quality that exceeds expectations and an innovative and fascinating design, this new type of Bluetooth speakers are truly revolutionary. If a levitating speaker has raised your interest, then you should know a thing or two about these devices. If you are still contemplating whether or not to purchase this type of gadget, here are a few details that might help you decide.

Audio performance

The first thing you are probably wondering is if the audio performance offered by this type of speaker is really worth the hype. Although, this gadget is one of small dimensions, the sound delivered is certainly one that can impress any audiophile. Due to its circular design, a 3D surround effect is created, which offers a different type of music experience. Despite the common belief that floating speakers are popular only for their design, in reality the audio performance can raise up to anyone’s standards. If you research the topic, you will be able to learn more about this device performance capabilities.


The first thing that catches the eye, when it comes to levitating speaker is the design, which is certainly out of the ordinary. This detail is probably the reason why this small gadget has become such a hit in a short period of time. The futuristic way in which the gadget is build is extremely appealing for consumers, especially those who are trying to constantly keep up with the latest gadget trends. The overall design includes two elements, the circular orb and the base. The mystical effect is created by the orb, which floats above the base, practically defining gravity. The orb can also function as a stand alone speaker, being extremely easy to carry it around. With such a spectacular design and a reasonable price, you should definitely decide to purchase this item.


The prices can vary from one brand to another, depending on their features and audio performance. However, being such an innovative gadget with numerous performance capabilities, the price seems affordable for most audiophiles. On a price performance ratio, the price is more than affordable. With a revolutionary design, and impressive audio performance, the standard price of a standard Bluetooth floating speaker is reasonable. Therefore, if you are interested in one of these smart and fun gadgets, you should know that the investment is certainly worth it, if you choose the right brand and model.

As you can see, a floating speaker is a fascinating and interesting device that any audiophile should own. If you are interested in purchasing this type of device yourself, you should be well informed regarding the device’s features and audio performance. It is best advised to read a few reviews online before making a purchase. Search for an informative website that offers more details on the subject, and carefully read the review of the floating speaker that has drawn your attention. This way, you will be certain that you are getting the best product for your money.