The Various Types of Humidifiers

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A humidifier is something we use when the humidity inside the house is too low. Having low humidity in the house can have serious consequences on the health by encouraging the apparition of respiratory problems. Moreover, it can affect the house itself, by making cracks appear in wood furniture. Thus, if you live in an area with dry climate and have trouble breathing sometimes, you should consider investing in a humidifier.

But before that, it’s good to know what types of humidifiers are out there, so you get a better understanding of the technology and determine what your needs are. Low humidity causes headaches, coughing, chapped lips or sneezing; it may not seem too grave, but it can be extremely uncomfortable and worsen in time. You should also know that the ideal humidity for a human is somewhere between 25% and 55%. One of the types of humidifiers that you can try is cool mist evaporative humidifiers, which basically do exactly what they say. They are recommendable for low consumption, because they cover large areas and the moisture sprayed in the house is pure. However, this type can be quite noisy and the wick filter has to be replaced quite often to avoid buildup of mold and bacteria.

The second type of humidifier that we recommend is the warm mist humidifier which, as opposed to the one before, is much quieter and doesn’t require filter replacements. The disadvantages are that the warm mist humidifier consumes more energy and its action range is limited to the room you place it in. Another type which is ideal for smaller rooms, is also very quiet and doesn’t require filter changes is the ultrasonic humidifier. Nevertheless, you have to put only filtered water in it; otherwise it can spray a white dust in the air caused by the minerals in the water. The same goes for cool mist impeller humidifiers, except these also benefit from lowered consumption.

As you can tell so far, it is important to know the various types of humidifiers because they act differently, because their action ranges are different, and because they require different maintenance. The last few models we presented, as well as the warm mist vaporizers, are humidifiers intended for use in a single room. Yet cool mist evaporative humidifiers or UV germ-free humidifiers, have a wider influence, and can even add extra sanitization to the air in your home. This is why we recommend reading humidifier reviews before purchasing a product, and even consumer reviews for first-hand information on the performance of that product. Humidifier reviews have to talk about design, performance, features, and even the levels of difficulty in utilizing and maintaining the device.

A final solution are whole house console humidifiers, which you install for good and which can level humidity in the entire house. Although some filter replacements and maintenance are required, they don’t need to occur too often, which is convenient. All in all, there are no bad and good humidifiers; choosing one depends on your specific needs, your particular problems, and what you expect them to achieve.