The pros & cons of various garage storage systems

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The garage is one of the most versatile and multi-functional spaces in a home where many people store a wide variety of items. Depending on its size, one can basically use it for anything. From making it a gardening shed, a workshop, a craft room or simply storing the car, the best way to make sure you are taking full advantage of this space is to have the right type of garage storage system implemented. From garage shelving to cabinets and wall storage solutions, everything has its advantages and disadvantages and you need to be aware of them before making a decision:

Garage shelving – great for heavier items

Shelving is by far the most popular garage storage item, as you can place so many items on them. Shelves are great for holding baskets and bins filled with things of all types of shapes and sizes, not to mention that they allow you to organise everything carefully and create a real storage system in the process. However, not all types of shelves are a great choice. Plastic ones, while cheaper, they will certainly not be able to hold the same weight as metallic ones, not to mention that they can get pretty flimsy and you will need to replace them after just a few years of use. Metallic shelves offer the quality you are looking for, but they can get quite expensive, depending on what you want.

Cabinets – perfect for locking up items

Everyone has around the house a few items they need to keep out of reach from children and pets. Whether it is dangerous chemicals or pieces of equipment, cabinets are the perfect choice for keep everything nice and safe. Plastic cabinets are excellent for storing small items, but they usually cannot be customisable. If you need something to store heavy-duty items, custom garage cabinets come in a wide variety of options and are made from materials that can withstand your needs.

Wall storage systems – perfect for tools

Wall storage systems have been used for a long time, because they can be made into different shapes and sizes and hung on any wall. The possibility to have everything at reach and visible appeals to many people and the system has even been implemented in kitchens, where it is successfully used up to this day. However, some people are quite sceptical when it comes to pegboards, because the idea of finding it crashed on the floor with all their tools scattered around is not very appealing. Furthermore, pegboards cannot hold heavy items, although specialised companies can offer modern vertical storage solutions that can withstand heavier items.

These are the pros and cons of the main garage storage systems available on the market. The rule of thumb is that when you collaborate with a professional shelving and racking supplier, you will have the certainly that your storage systems will match your needs perfectly and you will not have any problems in maintaining your garage organised.