The New Age of Clean Technology

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In the past few decades, people have started becoming more aware of global warming and the bad effects of man-made things over nature. That isn’t to say that everything man-made is bad for the environment, but ever since the industrialization era we have been forging ahead and developing new technologies to make our lives easier. We invented better boats, trains, cars, airplanes, we built factories, computer-based technologies, and so on. In order to build higher and better we ate up the planet’s resources, and we’ve already begun tapping in resources which are not renewable, consuming carelessly even though we rely on those things for our survival. Now the time has come for us to pay for the damages, or to try and fix what can still be fixed; all this should happen in a new age of clean technology.

Clean technology refers to any type of technology which is eco-friendly and environmentally safe; things like recycling, electric motors or renewable energy are all parts of the clean tech movement. Innovations in the renewable energy field include wind and solar power, biomass, biofuels and hydropower. Other clean practices include green transportation and green chemistry, as well as information technology, lighting and Greywater. Even appliance manufacturers started investing in innovating technology that will consume less energy and water, which are basically energy efficient. Furthermore, the simple habit of turning the lights off when you get out of a room, or making sure we don’t waste water are practices with help the environment, although in the smallest possible way.

The future belongs to clean technology, because otherwise there may be no future to speak of. Although we cannot eliminate our need for fuels and energy, we can at least find those that consume and pollute the least. We can leave a smaller environmental footprint by making green infrastructure, buildings and transportation. Governments around the world have also started supporting businesses or endeavors that have an environmental characteristic, or which mind and care for the environment as well; thus, if your business is considered at least partially green, you can receive some funding to help you get on your feet.

Because it is a rather new concept, there is no strict definition for clean technology; it generally encompasses any kind of practices, research, products and results that work towards reducing our environmental problems. Moreover, clean tech products and services have begun posing great competition to normal ones not only by being better, but by offering additional advantages as well. Fortunately, there is an increase in investors for this kind of technology as well, although some could say things aren’t moving fast enough. The fact is that we the people need to mobilize and start doing everything we can on our end. And if we demand clean tech products and services, business people around the world won’t have a choice but to fill this need and invest in things that are safe for the planet. An interesting example is given by infrared heaters, which can also be solar powered, and which strike directly at the core of our energy process; on you can find out more about this, and learn about the benefits of using this type of heater, both for the environment and for your energy bill.

This type of technology may also refer to products or practices which, while not being actively eco-friendly, are rather energy-efficient, consuming less resources and leaving no traces in nature. However, our major interest should be in those which also help renew resources, which have an active role in restoring the balance. Although in the beginning producing clean technologies was very costly, there have been numerous breakthroughs and innovations in the field, and costs were dramatically reduced. From this point on it is up to us to do what we can to not make matters worse or, even better, to improve them.

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