The Most Adventurous Places to Visit Across The Globe

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The world is full of wonderful places to visit. From ancient castles, breathtaking national parks, mesmerizing gardens and luxurious spas, the holiday possibilities are endless. However, if you are an adventure seeker than your holiday to-do list probably has a lot more than drinking a fruity cocktail on a golden beach. In this article we have gathered four of the most adventurous places to visit in the world. Some of these places require a certain preparation so make sure that you train yourself before visiting them.

  • Diving to the lost kingdom of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is one of the most well known historical figures in the world. For a long time it was believed that her empire was destroyed by an earthquake and swept by tidal waves. However, recent archeological discoveries have found a sunken city, located near the shores of Alexandria. Whether or not these are the remains of Cleopatra’s castle is still up for debate but the historical value of this discovery is unquestionable. Since the excavations began in 1998, the archaeologists have discovered over 20 000 treasures. If you are a passionate scuba diver, then you should definitely plan an Egyptian holiday. Whether or not you are passionate about history, you will definitely enjoy diving here and swimming between the impressing statues.

  • Hiking in the Amazon Jungle

Hiking can be a great way to escape the routine of your daily life and reconnect with nature. However, when you are hiking in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador, relaxation is the last thing on your mind. The thick jungle, combined with the sultry heat will test your survival skills. You might even encounter some primitive tribes and get to know their culture. The jungle life is anything but boring and the Amazon is one of the best places to visit if you are a wild life enthusiast. However, whether or not this is your first hiking experience, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional guide as the jungle can be unfriendly with strangers.

  • Sand boarding in South Africa

Snowboarding can be quite fun and there are numerous places where you can practice this activity but if you are looking for a more unusual sport then you might enjoy the idea of sand boarding in South Africa. The Atlantis Dunes is a famous touristic attraction located about 40 minutes away from Cape Town. The white sandy dunes offer perfect conditions for sand boarding and are safe for professional boarders as well as for amateurs. Furthermore the dunes also have a great view of the city. This activity will definitely make for a unique traveling memory.

  • Rock climbing in Jordan

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that requires a lot of training and preparation. However the experiences that you live when practicing this activity are well worth the effort. If you are a fan of this extreme sport, then Jordan is probably one of the best places to visit. The desert of Wadi Rum has mesmerizing landscapes and offers adventurous routes for people who are passionate about rock climbing. If you enjoy extreme sports you should definitely put this place on your must-visit list.

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