The Morning Banana Diet

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A lot of western women are jealous on Asian women because of their slim physique and natural beauty. To the untrained eyes, it seems as if Asian women have some ancient beauty secrets that they won’t share with the world. However, the truth is much simpler than that. Asian women are simply more interested in what they eat. They take actions before things run out of control. The Banana Diet is the latest beauty trick of many Japanese women and even men. It is a simple diet which can be fitted into the lifestyle of any person without any financial efforts.

The rules of the banana diet are very simple which is why the diet is so popular. You start your day with a healthy banana breakfast. The first person who kept this diet ate 4 small bananas each morning. However, the diet has been adapted in order to bring faster results. The recommended quantity is one banana for breakfast. You continue your day by eating regular lunch and dinner. It is very important that you eat dinner before 8 o’clock. You are allowed to drink water whenever you are hungry and you can even have an evening snack if you feel very hungry. Last but not least, it is important that you go to bed before midnight.

How does it work
This diet may look suspicious to most people as the banana is not exactly low on calories, compared to other fruits. However, this fruit is extremely high on dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble). This fiber will give you a feeling of fullness due to the fact that it expands in your stomach. At the same time, it also attracts some calories in the digestive system before they are given the chance to be absorbed. One of the good fibers that are found in the banana is the Resistant Starch. This fiber helps the body by fermenting in the digestive tract and thus releasing certain substances that increase the body’s fat burning abilities by 25%. Therefore, by consuming bananas on a regular basis, your body will be assimilating less fat and it will burn some of the existent fat.

The banana diet is very easy to follow. It is solely based on exploiting the natural benefits of this amazing fruit. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making special dietary food. Furthermore, this diet can easily turn into a lifestyle as it doesn’t expose the dieter to any culinary sacrifices.

This diet has proved to be very good for the Japanese people, which is why more and more people are adapting it. Despite the fact that it is quite healthy, it may not be a good choice for western people with very imbalanced eating habits. The diet does not put any restrictions on lunch and dinner. As a result, a lot of people could be fooled into thinking that the banana is a magical fruit which will cancel all the calories that they consume during the day. The fact is, that on a certain level we are all aware of how much we are supposed to eat but we often chose to ignore the signals that our body is giving us. We recommend this diet to people who are trying to lose a few pounds but they can’t despite having a rather balanced diet. It is also good for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way, even though it could take a while to get rid of a lot of extra weight.

Useful Tips
Start the diet with one banana at each breakfast. If, during the first days, you feel that you are hungry and are making efforts to last until lunch, you can increase the banana quantity as long as you don’t go higher than four small bananas. Try to let go of bad eating habits such as regular consumption of fast food or junk food. In order to obtain faster results you could have dinner at an earlier hour like 18:30 or 19:00. Just make sure that you are not struggling the hunger sensation too much. Despite the popular belief, hunger is not an essential part of a diet. On the contrary, it is the reason why most people can’t stick to a diet.

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