The Famous SV650 Suzuki Motorcycle

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Suzuki Motor Corporation manufactured the SV659 for the international market starting with 1999. Before the SV came along, riders looking for a sporty and easy-to-ride yet first bike didn’t have many options. This Suzuki motorcycle features medium performance components and a mid-sized 2 cylinders, 4-stroke, 90° V-twin engine. Because the sales were a success, manufacturers realized the demand for budget middleweights, so they created a new class of bikes that includes the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion and the Kawasaki ER-6f. The naked SV650 was replaced in 2009 with the Gladius.

The SV650 Suzuki motorcycle was introduced in the late 90s as a budget bike in the emerging market and in 2008 started to offer fully faired models. The SV is an easy manageable ride that combines a strong handling, rigid chassis and light weight, attractive features for both experienced and beginner riders. The first generation (1992-2002) was molded after the Suzuki TL1000S, although the Ducati Monster also influenced its aesthetics. In 2003, SV1000, the bigger alternative of the SV650, replaced the TL Series.

After its release, the SV650 Suzuki motorcycle rapidly became popular, but the hard to please buyers wanted a more sportier version with higher foot pegs, a windscreen, lower handlebars and a bikini fairing. Thus the S version was produced for the Canadian and European markets. Suzuki began importing the SV650S to America in 2000.

The second generation model produced in 2003 was not initially accepted by riders, due to its new angular aesthetics, larger and more aggressive than the first generation. The new features included a swing-armm revised rear brake caliper mounting, pressure-cast aluminum truss frame, bodywork, electronic fuel injection/induction system, exhaust and a digital speedometer display. However, some old parts still remained on the Suzuki motorcycle, such as the radiator and the rear sets.

The 2004 Suzuki motorcycle suffered further modifications: a front seat with a narrower design, a trail raised by 2 mm and a 40 mm lower sub-frame, making flat flooging easier. The rear fender was restyled so it provide more protection for the riders against flying fragments. The 2007 SV650 and SV650S California models received an exhaust gas oxygen sensor and added twin spark plugs per cylinder to reduce emission. The 2004 model was also quite fast. In fact, it wasn’t wise to acquire it without the best radar detector because such a motorcycle was wasted if it was not pushed to its limits. In fact, it is a wonder that Suzuki didn’t think to include the best radar detector in the purchase of the car. This would has certainly been a good advertisement campaign.

In 2008, the manufacturer introduced a new SV650SF model (SV650 Sport UK) alongside the traditional 650 and 650S. As a result, the production for SV650S ceased. Furthermore, a new Suzuki motorcycle was introduced on the Australian market in 2008. The SV650SU was a more basic version of the 650S, built according to the country’s Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme.

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