The Coolest Green Gadgets You’ll Want to Have

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Today, our world is suffering the consequences of our previous thoughtless actions, and the naturally-occurring and cyclical event of global warming is worsened by it. We spend more time wondering how to unlock iPhone 4 devices than focusing on how to protect the environment and preserve the natural surroundings for the following generations. We are also confronted with pollution in the air and water, a future fuel crisis and many other worrisome issues. This means it is time for us to take measures, to try and protect our environment as best as possible and through it, us and our future. We must not only try to reverse the damage we’ve done, but to encourage the environment to rejuvenate itself. Luckily, people across the world have seized the opportunity and have started coming up with various solutions, alternatives and innovations that either don’t pollute, or that even have an actual effect over pollution. These green new tech gadgets are not only useful, they are pretty cool and impressive as well.

The following are not reviews of green gadgets, but rather short presentations to show you how anyone can make the smallest step in order to do their part in protecting the environment. Not all of us can be active in this issue, but we can at least show our support by leading good and responsible lives and thinking about our impact over the environment. That being said, here are some new tech gadgets you may find interesting:

  • Goal Zero’s Solar Tent – With the new solar tent from Goal Zero, even the techiest of nerds can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying their precious gadgets will run out of battery. In this package, you will get the solar-powered Katabatic 2 tent, which is 92 inches tall and has 36 square feet. What makes this baby run however is the Goal Zero solar charger, a triangular solar panel which is placed on top of the tent. While it sits there sucking energy, you can connect it to one of your devices and charge it. Unfortunately, the Solar Tent is not yet affordable for everyone at its $600 price, but Goal Zero has also launched the Lighthouse250 Lantern which costs only $80 and can not only spread light, but charge your iPhones, GPS and other gadgets as well.
  • The BioLite Campstove – This green gadget is truly impressive; it is very small of size, so it can be easily transported, and it runs on just a few twigs. You can use it both to cook your meals and to charge batteries, because this device takes heat and turns it into energy. Reviewers say it is quite easy to use, and while it doesn’t offer unlimited power, it will allow you to make a few calls or find your way. What is more, you can offer this gadget to one of your friends who also have a floating bloetooth speaker. If they like to take their floating speaker with them whenever they are travelling, especially if it is somewhere in the countryside, having something to charge their speaker battery at in the middle of the road is definitely something they will need. If they have the BioLite Campstove, they do not have to worry that their speaker runs out of battery at some point, so they can listen to their favorite music wherever they go.
  • The Koostik Pivot – If we were to make a top of the best green gadgets, the Pivot from Koostik would probably take first place, because it manages to improve your life without using any kind of energy-consuming technology. Based solely on principles of acoustics, the Pivot is entirely made of wood, and it can boost your iPhone’s sound 2 to4 times higher. The Pivot is entirely handmade from wood, and it can be used not only to listen to music, but to watch videos as well.
  • The Uon Lights – Light is important for us, but so is preserving energy, which is why Tan Yong Kuan and Malvina Fransisca Wijaya from Singapore created the Uon Lights, which are rechargeable bicycle lights that don’t have a battery; you recharge them as you bike.

These are some of the most impressive green gadgets of the moment, but they are just the beginning. Soon we will discover new and better ways to save on fuel and energy, to reduce the environmental footprint and help regenerate nature.

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