The Complete Guide to Weighted Clothing

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Whether you desire dropping pounds or building strength, you have to know that weighted clothing is the perfect options for you. Clothing with weights can tone your muscles and help you build bone mass. However, if you don’t know too much about this type of clothes, we will present you the complete guide to weighted clothing that can help you improve your performance.

Achieve your goal with weighted vests

You should know that vests are the most important item of all weighted clothing. They can provide you with resistance and are the best options for improving your cardiovascular function and weight loss. Usually, the weighted vests are adjustable, so they can fit all body types and can be worn by both women and men. The weighted vests have a breathable fabric which can keep out moisture. Moreover, they come with some extra pockets for those people who want to add more weight.

Choose to wear some weighted shirts

The weighted shirts are some normal piece of clothing which contain weight fixed on the major muscles of the upper body. These items are very popular among runners because they work the muscles without taxing them. Furthermore, the fabric also contains an anti-bacterial agent which will remove germs and bad smells. Anyway, most professional athletes are wearing these items because they are comfortable and allow a natural movement of the joints and limbs.

Opt for weighted gloves

When it comes to weighted gloves, you may think that they are for boxers, but what you really have to know is that weighted gloves are ideal for toning and aerobic exercise. They will add resistance to your exercises and improve calories burned. Moreover, they are easy on the joints and the weight will vary between 1 and 6 pounds. Actually, these items are good for people who are trying to tone their shoulder area.

Buy some weighted shorts

Nowadays, a lot of runners choose to wear weighted shorts, due to their benefits. They are created to increase leg strength, improve speed and tone your muscles. Moreover, these shorts are great options for those athletes with weak legs or hip problems. They can be also used to fight against arthritis and other leg ailments. However, if you choose to wear weighted shorts, make sure you opt for the correct size. This way, you will get optimal results.

Make performance with weighted shoes

The shoe weights are the most common items among professional athletes. They will add resistance to your feet and help with sprinting speed. For you, as a runner, the weighted shoes are great options because they can help you build strength and endurance.

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