The Cities With the Most Eccentric Architectural Designs in the World

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It is no secret to anybody that modern society is dominated by the minimalistic current. While some consider this current to be the purest expression of art, most people think that it lacks creativity and it surrounds our world in a boring environment. Well, on that matter we can all be grateful that there are still plenty of talented architects who enjoy creating complex and brilliant architectural designs. Furthermore, after admiring these designs, we can all agree that they are the most original buildings as none of them follow the conventional architectural trends.

1. Barcelona
Across the world there are numerous eccentric architectural designs. However, there is one particular city in which art has bloomed in the most amazing way. If you haven’t guessed by now, we are of course talking about Barcelona, home to numerous artists and some of the most brilliant architects in the world. Amongst the most representatives architects who have marked this city we have to name Antoni Gaudi whose work on the Sagrada Familia is a monument to creativity’s lack of limits. His vision can also be admired on Casa Batilo, on La Pedrera, in Park Guell, on España Cripta de la Colonia Güell, Casa Vicens, on Palau Güell as well as in many more places.

2. Dubai
Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, is the tallest building in the world and an exquisite example of luxurious architecture. The light show visible at night will turn a night in Dubai into a memorable event. In Dubai you can also choose to rent a room at Los Chambers, an underwater concept hotel where the room windows have a view of a lagoon bottom with numerous marine creatures. Furthermore, here you can also get a glimpse of how the Atlantians lived, had they been real. Furthermore it seems that the underwater concept is becoming quite popular as Dubai is currently building the Hydropolis Hotel which will be located 66 feet under the ground level.

3. Paris
A new trend that is slowly starting to spread is the integration on nature in architecture. A great example of that is the Garden Wall of the Branly Museum in Paris. Another interesting building in Paris is Cinemateque, a structure that defines the conservatory architectural designs. And Paris is ready to amaze us with yet another breathtaking building in the near future. The Anti-Smog Innovation Center is designed as the ultimate green building as it will feature 2700 solar panels.

These are but a few of the numerous intriguing buildings that can be spotted across the world. We hope that brilliant architects will continue to defy conventional rules and will integrate art in order to beautify all the cities of the world.

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