The Best Skateboarding Games

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The early video games were mostly arcades and they were focused on fairytale elements such as magical powers and defeating evil creatures. Once the classic games became too boring, video game producers tried to come up with new gameplays in order to attract different types of players. Despite the bad graphics, the first sport games were quite interesting and they immediately caught the eye of the public. Among these sport games, the skateboarding ones were perhaps the most entertaining. As technology evolved, so did the games and nowadays they are very complex, featuring excellent video effects and great music choices. Today we are going to present you with the best skateboarding games of all times.

The classics
The first game that had skateboarding in its gameplay was California Games. However, the game was rather redundant and perhaps the only thing that made people play it was the fact that it had a new video game idea. Another popular classic skateboarding video game was Town and Country Surf Designs. The game was quite popular at its time. It had numerous obstacles and it even featured a surfing gorilla. Despite the fact that old skateboarding games were all popular when they appeared, nowadays no one would play them given the bad graphics and the lack of diversity in obstacles.

The best modern skateboarding games
EA is well known for their great sports games and amongst them the skateboarding ones are quite awesome. Skate is a franchise that has always delivered quality skateboarding fun. Their first two Skate games were easy to pick up and quite entertaining. Skate 3 is not a lot different from the first two games but it does polish up all the already good features. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is the latest game of the Tony Hawks series which maintains the traditional gameplay. The latest release, Tony Hawk Rise is a lot different as it simulates a skateboarding experience. The game comes with a controller that you can stand on which you can manipulate with your feet. It is a great choice for people who want to learn some real life skateboarding basic moves. Another similar game is Tony Hawk Downhill Jam for Wii. This game can be very entertaining when you are playing it with friends. Otherwise, it is quite frustrating as the controls are difficult to master.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports amongst teenagers, therefore it makes only sense that skateboarding games are also on top of the gaming preferences. Don’t think that you have to be a skateboarder in order to enjoy these games as they are also fun for people who have never touched a skateboard.

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