The Best Kawasaki Motorcycles

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a respected Japanese company that is best known for its powerful motorcycles. Although the company started out (and is still producing) ships and watercraft, its international renown was brought by the powerful two wheels vehicles. Over the years, the company has produced numerous models, most of which were serious contenders for the best motorcycles in the world. If you are curious about the most interesting models produced by this company, we invite you to check out these amazing sports bikes.

1. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14
This motorcycle was launched in 2007 as the most powerful of all the sport Kawasaki motorcycles, a title that it maintained for many years. Furthermore there are serious debates on whether or not this is the best production model in the world. The 1352 cc delivers top speed and a smooth ride. The brakes are impressive and as far as handling goes, the three distinct modes of KTRC traction control do an excellent job in assisting human throttle. Mode 3 is especially useful since it allows the rider to go as crazy as he wants on the most slippery surfaces. Compared to the previous models, the bike also has an improved idle control and off-throttle fueling. You can also select between low power and full power and you will notice that significant improvements have also been done to the chassis. All in all. this is a great bike, designed for adventure junkies who like to chase after the horizon.

2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R
Some of you may consider this bike a little old to still make the top but given its performances, we had to include it. Although the bike’s speed was significantly reduced by the gentleman’s agreement, it was still a serious contender for the Suzuki Hayabusa. The 1,199 cc engine generates 161,2 horsepower at the rear wheel. At stand still it delivers 190 horse power but the ram-air system can take it up to 190 hp at 300 km/h. The six speed transmission is easy to handle and it features a highly durable clutch. There is no doubt that although this model is no longer new, it is still one of the best Kawasaki motorcycles.

3. Kawasaki Z750S
This particular motorcycle has caught our attention due to the fact that it allow the rider to handle anything that may come his way. The bike’s main feature is its one-piece seat which gives the rider the possibility to move around. The liquid cool, four stroke ,traverse four cylinder engine presents 4 valve per cylinder and has a 748 capacity. It can reach 106 hp at 10 500 rpm. The tubular backbone and the high-tensile steel are a delight. Furthermore, one the features that will make you rave is the sound that this bike makes, given its four-into-one piping. In our opinion this bike has the best quality to price ratio from all the Kawasaki motorcycles and it is a pleasure to drive it on all roads.

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