The Best Jobs in Finance

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One of the most famous sayings is that money makes the world go round; true enough, we are a money-driven society, and we are all directly influenced by how the money is made and how it reaches us. Everyone is interested in making more of it, and thus living a better, more privileged life; unfortunately, the system as it is doesn’t allow for everyone to be rich, and we must accept this hierarchy based on achievement. That being said, some of the best paying jobs are those directly involved with money and finance. In what follows we are going to take a look at the best jobs in finance.

By learning about these jobs in finance, some of you may be able to make the right career decisions, and go in the right direction. However, you must be aware that these jobs also involve a lot of responsibility, and the only way to reach them is through hard work. Here are some of the jobs that we consider to be not only fulfilling on an intellectual level, but on a financial level as well:

  • Financial analyst – We couldn’t being our list of jobs in finance without describing the one that defines them all; the financial analyst is the person who is employed by businesses and helps them to make the right investments. In order to get to that position, you have to get a bachelor’s degree, study accounting, business administration, finance, statistics, and even a master’s degree. The salary for such a position is very high, and it can reach US$ 70,000.
  • Personal financial advisor – This person is hired by various individuals to offer his/her expertise on tax law, investing or insurance, thus recommending the best financial solutions in each situation. You should have a degree in mathematics, accounting, economics or law, and your paycheck could exceed US$ 80,000.
  • Accountant – There are many types of accountants, and depending on your studies, you can have a very high-paying job. An accountant analyzes, plans, advises and evaluates matters of accounting in a business or firm. The minimum required is a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but a master’s degree is even more coveted.
  • Auditor – Nobody likes to hear the word “audit”, or of the persons who perform it, but the truth is this is a field that we need, and one of the best jobs in finance as well. An auditor analyzes and examines accounting records, preparing financial reports for the clients, so they know where their companies stand and how they might be improved.

These four are the best jobs in finance at the moment, and they all pay well over US$ 60,000 annually; however, there are other options as well, such as becoming a loan officer, a bank teller, a treasurer or a budget analyst. No matter what decision you may take, keep in mind that you’re embarking on a difficult journey, but one that is very rewarding.

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