The Best Halloween Music

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Halloween is one of the most entertaining holidays. It is loved by both children and adults and it comes with numerous traditions. The costumes are of course, the most important parts of this holiday. If you are out of costumes ideas for this year, check out the website, where you will find plenty of inspiration. Whether or not you are a fan of this holiday, if you have a child we suggest that you make an effort and turn your home into a Halloween land. This way you will be able to give your child a unique experience. However, make sure that you keep things age appropriate. The last thing you want is to be the reason for your child’s nightmares. In this article we have prepared some song ideas that you can play in the background on this wonderful night.

This is Halloween

The soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best Halloween music. The main song, entitles This is Halloween is appropriate for children of all ages as it is both scary and funny. We suggest putting this song on top of your scary music playlist. In this movie’s soundtrack you can find many other great songs that are great for this holiday’s such as Sally’s song.

Scary Classical and Instrumental music

If you prefer your Halloween music to be without lyrics, we have some great suggestions for you. The Dead Silence theme is particularly scary which is why suggest that you listen to it first before playing it to your children, as it may not be age appropriate. We also liked the Sleepy Hallow theme, The Beginning from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Sweeney Todd’s theme, the ending credits from The Dark Knight Rises and Behold The Darkness by Medwyn Goodall. There are also a lot of unknown songs created by amateurs which are ideal for this holiday. On Youtube, Nave Artificial has some great Halloween music such as Vampirical and Black Light.

Magical music

If you are not a fan of scary movies and music we have some other suggestions for you. After all, the spirit of Halloween has suffered numerous modifications over the years. In fact a lot of people associate Halloween with a magical holiday where anything can happen. If that is your idea of this holiday than you might enjoy the following music: The Corpse Bride soundtrack, the Edward Scissorhands theme, One Last Wish from the Casper movie, Alice’s theme from Alice in Wonderland, You are the Pan from the movie Hook, A Window To The Past from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

As you can see most of the music that we have gathered here comes from scary movies, especially the ones directed by Tim Burton. Some of our musical choices are rather scary so we suggest that you listen to them on low volume, especially if you have small children. Halloween music is great for creating a scary ambiance in order to enjoy this holiday. You could also try listening to some creepy sounds compilations featuring howling wind and creaking doors.

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