The Best Gospel Artists

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The word gospel is derived from the old English word godspel, meaning “good news”. It is a religious term that describes the resurrection of Jesus. The most famous gospels are the ones belonging to the four Evangelists Matthew, Luke, Mark and John and they are known as the 4 canonical gospels. In the music world, gospel defines a genre featuring dominant vocals and strong harmonies. This particular genre has 3 sub genres: urban contemporary gospel, southern gospel and modern gospel. The lyrics of gospel music are usually religious. They have a sentimental nature and they are meant to strengthen the people’s faith in God and praise His work. If you are interested in getting to know this music genre we suggest that you start with the gospel artists presented bellow.

Sandi Paty
Sandra Faye Patty is by far one of the best gospel artists. To the Christian music fans she is known as Sandi Paty while music critics often call her the voice due to the flexibility of her amazing voice. Her career began in 1979 when she was signed by Singspiration! and released her first professional record. Her beautiful voice soon gathered countless fans and numerous prizes starting with two GMA Dove Awards in 1982. Since then her career has been on an ascending route and in 2004 she was inducted in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Amongst her most popular songs are We Shall Behold Him, I’ve Just Seen Jesus, Via Dolorosa and More Than Wonderful.

Yolanda Yvette Adams
This wonderful singer is the best example of how a woman can have a complete career while still holding God in her heart. Aside from being one of the best gospel artists she is also a record producer, an actress and a radio host. Since 1991 until 2009 she has sold 4,5 million albums in the United state and almost 8 million albums worldwide. Open My Heart, Battle’s Not Yours and Never Give Up are some of the most heart touching gospel songs. They talk about a person’s relation with God and how faith can help us overcome any obstacle.

Whitney Houston
To the younger generation, Whitney Houston is known as an amazing voice who has created numerous love songs. However, Whitney Houston is also one of the most consecrated gospel singers. In fact, her singing career began with gospel music. Whether or not her love for this genre was inspired by her mother, Cissy Houston, which was also a gospel artist, one thing is undeniable: Whitney Houston left behind a wonderful legacy containing numerous inspirational songs.

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