The Best Fruity Alcoholic Drinks

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When we are caught up with work, we often dream about an exotic island where we can abandon our worries on a sandy beach whilst enjoying a fruity cocktail. Well, summer is long gone and the chances of that happening are pretty slim. However, you can indulge yourself from time to time with some delicious, fruity alcoholic drinks. You will be surprised to see that you don’t need the sandy beach in order to melt your worries. You just need the fruity cocktail. Try out the recipes presented below and invite your friends over in order to have some fun and leave your troubles behind.

  • Passion Fruit Mojito

Mojito is a delicious mint cocktail but if you are a fan or fruity alcoholic drinks you may prefer the passion fruit alternative of this classic cocktail. In order to prepare it you will need 2,5 ounces of dark rum, 1 heaped tbs of brown sugar, 6 lime wedges, a dozen of mint leaves, 0,7 ounces passion fruit puree, 1,5 ounces of soda and crushed ice. Start by grabbing a tall cocktail glass and crush the lime, sugar, soda, lime leaves and a tea spoon of crushed ice. Add the passion fruit puree, the rum and the rest of the ice and stir the mixture for one minute in order to make sure that the flavors are well mixed. Decorate it with fruits in order to make it look exotic and enjoy it in with your friends.

  • Watermelon Margarita

Margarita is a classic cocktail but it has a lot of variations. One of the most popular variations is the Watermelon Margarita which is just as delicious as the classic drink but a lot more fruity. The following recipe is adjusted for four margarita servings. In order to prepare it, you need 4 cups of watermelon (cut into cubes), 2 tablespoons of sugar, the juice from two limes, a few lime wedges, 8 ounces of tequila, 5 ounces Triple sec, 3 tablespoons salt and one tablespoon chili powder. Start by mixing the sugar and the watermelon in the blender until you make a smooth cream. Pour the puree through a mesh strainer and transfer the liquid to a pitcher. Add the lime juice, tequila and 4 ounces of Triple sec and give it a nice stir. Combine the salt with the chilli powder in a separate dish. In a small plate add the remaining Triple sec and dip the rims of the cocktail glasses in the alcohol. Next, coat the glasses’ rim with the salt and chilli mixture. Pour the margarita into the four glasses and garnish them with the lime wedges.

As you can see, the cocktails presented above are easy to make and they can be prepared at home. You can prepare them whenever you have friends over and you want to indulge in an exotic vacation fantasy. These fruity alcoholic drinks are delicious and refreshing.

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