The Best Finance Books of 2013

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The Best Finance Books of 2013

Finance is a field we’re all interested in, whether we’re professionals or not; ours is a money-driven society, which means we all want to know how to make money faster, better and get to lead the kind of lives we dream of. Unfortunately, there will never be enough money to go around the way the system functions today, and there will always be wealthy people next to poor people. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop us from trying, and you never know when you might get the idea of a lifetime and be able to start your own business, or come up with a service that people need. One way to start is by educating ourselves, and learning how to treat money and how not to let it rule us. This is why we have prepared a list of the best-selling finance books of 2013.

These finance books have sold millions of copies around the world, and they can all be found online; thus, no matter what corner of the world you are from, you should be able to get your hands on a copy if you so wish. While we won’t say that these particular books will save all your financial problems, they may at least steer you in the right direction, and provide you with new perspectives on how to approach money.

Money, A Love Story

Written by financial advisor Kate Northrup, the author of many other related books, Money, a Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want seems to promise everything to even the most amateur of readers. In fact, Northrup uses her extensive studies and experience in order to bring useful information outside the professional sphere as well. Moreover, she uses her own experiences with debt and over-spending in order to instill in people a healthier philosophy when it comes to money. In her book, Northrup advises people to first love and value themselves if they want to learn how to treat their finances as well.

The Intelligent Investor

Written by Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig, The Intelligent Investor presents readers with strategies on how to employ value investing. This approach to investing is not new, but it has been rather elitist information until recently; it teaches investors about how to create long-term strategies in order to avoid risks and losing money. By reading it, even amateurs can pick up a thing or two about value investing, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of two professionals. As finance books go, this is one of the best buys you could make this year.

A Beginner’s Guide to Investing

When an amateur tries to learn about investing, they will generally become conflicted due to all the contradictory information that is available out there. For a novice and an amateur it will be impossible to sift through the erroneous information and know when to keep what is truly valuable. A Beginner’s Guide to Investing: How to Grow Your Money the Smart and Easy Way was written by Ivy Bytes and Alex Frey, two life-long investors and innovators, and it is dedicated to those who want to get into business on the right foot. The book will teach you to develop your own schemes and strategies and how to avoid falling into traps other lay out there.

These are just some of the finance books that 2013 has to offer; there are many more out there, but we thought of choosing those which could appeal to amateurs as well as professionals. It is high time information controlling money were no longer available just to those “in the know”, but to normal folk as well.

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