The Best Dog Bark Collar Reviews

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People who love animals would do anything to make their furry friends happy, but sometimes an untrained pet can be too much to handle. Therefore, many pet owners prefer to use certain teaching techniques that might be considered too harsh by some people. However, there are numerous dog breeds that are hard to discipline, and while certain inappropriate behaviors can be tolerated, allowing your dog to bark for hours is unacceptable. Besides causing you a headache and stress, it can distract your neighbors and disturb everyone who is in your vicinity. Therefore, instead of giving your dog away just because it seems impossible to train, you should turn to any solution that would help you keep your dog, and offer it unconditional love and a home. According to some of the best dog bark collar reviews, these products are very effective when it comes to correcting your dog’s behavior. Still, there is a large number of models on the market, so you must inform yourself about each one of them before making a purchase.

What is a dog bark collar?

A bark collar is a special throat band that produces electrical shocks to a dog’s neck, but also other types of responses that can be controlled with a remote device. It is important for the owners to know that the word “shock” is exaggerated for describing the sensation that a dog has when wearing a training collar. Furthermore, the sensation that these devices produce can be compared to the tingling feel caused by static electricity, so your dog can’t be harmed in any way. Still, although training collars are used to increase obedience, some of the models that we can find on the market can be too powerful and inadequate for training an animal, which can result in an aggressive temperament. Therefore, many controversies have been started, as many animal organizations try to get these products banned from use. However, based on the best dog bark collar reviews, most of these products are very effective and safe. Still, it is fundamental for anyone who wants to use a training technique based on shocks to be aware of the advantages, but also of the disadvantages involved in this matter.

What are they used for?

While they were created as a punishment for barking, the uses for bark collars have extended, and now they can serve for lots of purposes. Furthermore, they were developed to stop excessive barking by creating a response based on the sound of your pet barking, and some products rely on the vibrations of the vocal cords to respond accordingly. The best models use both elements to eliminate false alarms which can be caused by noise that is similar to barking. These dog collars are also used with buried wiring, which creates an invisible fence for dogs, and they have the role to stop dogs from leaving a certain property area. Giving that many local ordinances don’t allow the construction of regular fences, these systems are very effective when it comes to deter dogs from wandering around with the risk of getting lost. Bark collars represent great tools for inhibiting a negative animal behavior, and they can be used every time your dog starts chasing other animals or becomes aggressive.

Types of bark collars

Bark collars can be found in multiple styles, and while some of them are equipped with a single mode, others have more than one. Here are the most common training collars that dog owners can choose between:

  • Vibration bark collars

    These collars are training tools that start to vibrate every time they detect barking. This type of response is very similar to the vibrate mode featured by cell phones, and it is more recommended for dogs with short hair, because the collar must be close to the skin in order to deliver the desired result.

  • Ultrasonic devices

    Ultrasonic collars produce a beeping sound to control unwanted barking. Furthermore, the high-pitched screech that they create is very disturbing to a dog’s sensitive hearing, and it can be activated by any other dogs, which can make your pet feel confused and scared. However, the sound can be adjusted, which means that the collar’s response to other noises than barking will be minimized.

  • Pulse bark collars

    These devices produce an electrical shock every time they recognize a barking sound or a vocal cord vibration. Most pulse models start with a mild response that becomes stronger as the barking continues, but although tests have demonstrated that dogs easily learn not to bark, some of the best dog bark collar reviews consider these instruments to be the most cruel. Furthermore, shock collars can influence a dog’s temperament in a negative way, as it can become more aggressive, or it can develop a timid behavior.

  • Citronella collars

    Citronella collars are based on spraying a mist with a lingering smell around the dog’s face. However, these teaching tools are more recommended for dogs that are not very aggressive, because some breeds can learn very fast that they can empty the collar with continuous barking. Although, citronella collars require more maintenance, they are less harmful than ultrasonic and shock collars.

What to search for in a dog bark collar?

The most important thing that you must remember when searching for a bark collar is to opt for a device that can be activated automatically, but also by the pet owner. Devices that feature only an automatic setting generate a response with all barking, which might seriously confuse your dog. Furthermore, the use of collars that can only be activated automatically can cause anxiety and fear, especially in an environment where there is too much noise. Another aspect that you should consider is to buy a collar that comes with multiple levels of response, as they offer you the possibility to begin with the lowest level, which is less extreme than other response forms. Also, you must focus on products that don’t require specific batteries which can be bought only from the manufacturer, because they are more expensive than regular batteries.