The Benefits of Whole House Water Filters

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We are all well aware of the fact that while tap water is clean enough for washing ourselves with and for washing dishes and clothes, it is not safe for drinking and, depending on its levels of contaminants, it can even be dangerous if used for cooking. Therefore, most of us try to protect our health by at least filtering our drinking water or by drinking bottled water. While a single water filter can protect you to a certain degree, only a whole-house water filter can completely protect your health.

How do water contaminants enter our bodies if we don’t drink tap water?

Water contaminants are dangerous regardless of the way they enter our bodies. Ingesting them is just one way in which we come in contact with these contaminants. They can also enter our bodies through our open pores when we take a hot shower or a hot bath. Furthermore, the chlorine found in tap water turns into toxic vapors when the water gets hot. Inhaling those vapors is also dangerous as it can lead to numerous respiratory diseases. Those vapors form every time we take a bath or when we run the dishwasher or the washing machine and even when we flush a toilet. In order to avoid inhaling toxins, it is best if all of our home water sources are connected to a whole-house water filter. Since installing a small filter on each water source can be quite troublesome, whole house water filters are much more convenient. If you check out the best reviews of the most popular water filters, you will see that a single whole house filter is cheaper than 10 smaller filters and requires less maintenance.

Is filtered water good for plants?

If you are passionate about gardening, you are probably well aware of the fact that growing beautiful plants is a job that requires more than just watering the plants.If you ever traveled to the countryside, you may have noticed that plants grow more beautiful there. Since plants use carbon dioxide in their photosynthesis process, it is unlikely that pollution is the reason why city plants are weaker than countryside plants. Therefore the only logical explanation is the fact that countryside plants grow bigger because they benefit from pure water. Therefore, you too could grow beautiful plants if you only watered them with filtered water. However, when reading the best reviews of the latest water filters, keep in mind to focus only on filters which filter solely the dangerous contaminants and not minerals, which are good not only for your plants but also for your health. Most whole house water filters work only for the indoor water sources, but there are also a few models which can filter even the outdoor water sources. However, those filters are more difficult to install. What you can do is simply connect a hose to an indoor pipe in order to also use the filtered water for your garden.