The Benefits of Living in a Computer World

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In the computer world we live in, every little bit of technology is controlled by a small computer chip that can store large amounts of data. Computers are programmable machines used for almost anything, from phones and calculators to street lights. They facilitate storage and process information faster than the human mind, because of the inbuilt intelligence. Moreover, they are employed in fields such as networking, data processing and storage, medicine, engineering, planning and scheduling, research and even education.

Because we live in a computer world, we have witnessed amazing events, enjoyed a higher level of comfort and rapid access to information. A computer has always been involved when mankind made a major breakthrough in science or astronomy. Telescopes and computers that render the images are used for space exploration. Very clear images have been taken from distant galaxies with the help of telescopes equipped with special chips.

The 1960s technology played an essential role in putting a man on the moon. The lunar mission used a command module computer build by Raytheon and designed by MIT. The Apollo Guidance Computer had 64Kbyte of memory and used a real time operating system activated by simple commands typed into the machine. Its program, Luminary, was coded in a language called Mac, or MIT Algebraic Compiler. Modern computing is based on the knowledge gained from the Apollo program.

In the beginning of the computer world, people used machines such as Colossus, a computer created in 1943 with the sole purpose of breaking the German encrypted message in World War II quicker than a person could. Colossus managed to break the link between Berlin and Army group B in August 1944, thus revealing Hitler’s plans. The Führer ordered Günther von Kluge to drive five panzer divisions with supporting infantry towards Avranches, so the American forced in the Cherbourg peninsula will be taken by surprise. The knowledge gained from Colossus allowed the Allies to set a trap and annihilate the 7th Army at Falaise, forcing the German forces to retreat from France.

In a world without computers, people wouldn’t have found many cures to diseases, Hitler would have won and movies like Godzilla, Jurrasic Park and Toy Story would never have been made. Our lives have been greatly improved by computers, even in fields such as health medicine. Doctors use computer software to diagnose diseases. Furthermore, advanced computer-based systems are used for the examination internal organs. The result of combining computer intelligence with medical expertise is Computer-assisted Surgery (CAS), an advancing field in medicine that provides more accurate and less invasive surgical procedures. A surgical robot programmed by a medical professional assists doctors while they operate.

Computers almost dominate many aspects of our lives, and so far there have been mostly positive effects. The social media logo is ever-present, and almost a third of the world’s population utilizes it for various reasons, such as meeting new people – both as friends and business associates – , promoting a product or service, exchanging information, getting news and so on. Information is practically unstoppable nowadays, and people seem to be more and more into this data exchange that allows us to find out how people are and what people do across the globe. So no matter what social media logo you adhere to, you can reap a multitude of benefits if you know how to handle your own data.

Never in our history has communication been so easy and cheap; through the internet, we can have real time conversations with people across the world, and thanks to that we’ve achieved a much more complete view of global culture. Here is a good example: you can now take smartphone apps and use them on your computer as well; you can organize your files and information, or you can use the same chat program on all devices to have your contacts and conversation history synced. You can install BBM for PC and do just that, it’s easy as a piece of cake.

The benefits of a computer world cannot be denied. Life before this invention was completely different and much harder. Everything we know is made or run by computers, including medical equipment, cars, traffic signals and airplanes. These mechanical brains changed the way we live and made a huge impact on our society, leading us towards new discoveries in science, medicine and engineering.

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