The app era. Advantages and how to save money by investing in an app builder

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Nowadays if your business does not have an app present in an app store, it’s fairly safe to claim that it does not exist. We know that it might sound a little too harsh, but to be frank, if you are not present on people’s smartphones or tablets, chances for them to know about your business, products or services are slim to none. A recent study showed that only a quarter of small business actually owns an app, which oftentimes prevents them from expanding their profile. However, they do acknowledge the importance of having such products and the large majority of those, thinks that their business might in fact benefit from having such tools. Although several years ago a business might have got only 30% of its online traffic from apps, nowadays, the situation is completely different, specialists claim. More than 75% of its online traffic emerges from apps that small businesses have. Considering the fact that only a small ratio of these enterprises has an app, we can easily notice that many are cutting their chances to become profitable and healthy in a highly competitive business environment. However, many have found that investing in an app builder like the Siberian CMS comes with considerably more advantages than collaborating with a web developer. But let’s find out more about the advantages that emerge from having an app, to why an app builder is a better alternative.

Advantages of having an app for your small enterprise

As we previously mentioned, having an app for a small business can increase the profits and their popularity on the market. However, below are several other benefits that emerge from having an app.

  • Increase your sales. Whether we are speaking of business in the service industry, manufacturing or retail, many enterprises have noticed a boost of their sales after introducing an app. Having a facile and quick checkout for a sale will ultimately increase the number of sales that your company has, which leads to increased profits. Of course, this comes as an enormous benefit for small businesses, who are already struggling to battle the large competitors.
  • Compete on a specific segment. Having the same features as the large corporations on the market have helps small businesses to align with them in a facile fashion. And since all large companies on all segments have apps present in app stores, fitting the expectations that your customers have in terms of your presence on mobile and smart devices will offer you the opportunity to become a competitive business. Such tools will help you to run your business better, because of several reasons:
  • These apps have customer loyalty features. They will offer rewards for all customers loyal to your products or services.
  • Social networking advantages. They will direct your customers to and from affiliated businesses.
  • They have push notifications. These notifications allow businesses to always be up to date with news in the industry and other relevant information that circulates around the web.
  • They are easy to personalise. These apps will offer your customers the opportunity to personalise their push notifications, the location and so on, offering a more flexible experience.
  • Improve your customer’s experience. Having an app will offer your business to have a constant presence in your customer’s life. Being present on their phones, tablets and other devices will offer them the opportunity of having a facile access to your products or services, which will make them happier with your company.

Advantages of using an app builder

Although many companies turn their attention to web developers when it comes to building an app for their business, many have found that investing in an app builder is a more facile alternative.

  • They are easy to use. You simply pay for the template designed and developed by professional web developers, and then you personalise it as you wish. You upload relevant content and sections, you update it when you prefer, and you can also keep all the relevant data in its place.
  • Manage all your users. When investing in such products, the greatest part about them is that you can easily manage all the users you have. You can see if they are logged in, what products are they interested in and this will increase your sales and the levels of satisfaction they have with your products and services, since you will be able to personalise their experience with you.
  • Multi-lingual options. By simply installing multiple language packages on your app, you will be able to offer a spotless experience to all your customers.
  • They are affordable. Unlike collaborating with a reputable developer, you will be able to save plenty of money by using app building tools.

These are the main advantages of having an app and of using an app builder instead of a web developer for creating it.