Take a Family Trip to Theme Park Central

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When people think of theme parks, the city of Orlando, Florida is usually the first one that pops into their mind. This beautiful city has become a tourist mecca over the past 40 years. There seems to be no end in sight for the amount of theme parks that are going to be built in the city. One of the best things about Orlando is the amazing variety of parks that you and your family can choose from. No matter what you are interested in, there will be a theme park that is just for you. Hotels in Orlando should always be booked far in advance. Here is an Orlando sightseeing guide that will give you some ideas of what you can do during your stay.

1. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios, this is a park that first opened to the public over 25 years ago. In 2008, the park decided to change its name. However, the attractions it contained have all remained. There are many great things to see here, especially for people who appreciate the genius that went into making all of the famous Disney cartoons from decades ago. The Streets of America is a back lot that is used to film actual movies. It is similar to the back lots that can be found at all of the major Hollywood studios. Touring this area will allow you to see firsthand what exactly goes into the making of a major studio film. The Animation Courtyard is another one of the major attractions in the park. By visiting this area, you will be taught all of the steps that are needed to make a cartoon. You are sure to find this process absolutely fascinating.

2. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

As mentioned earlier, there seems to be a new theme park springing up every other day in Orlando. Universal’s Islands of Adventure is one of the more recent additions to Orlando’s theme park roster. This park brings all of the fun and excitement of Universal movies and puts it into the form of a theme park. The crown jewel of this park is now the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which just opened not that long ago. It has become an enormous success. Because of the huge popularity of this park, you should be aware that many of the attractions have long lines, even during times of the year that are not peak tourist periods. Toon Lagoon can also be found in this park. It is a water park that your kids are certain to enjoy during their stay, especially if you happen to visit on a day with hot weather.

3. Walt Disney World

There is a reason that Walt Disney World is still the most famous theme park on the entire planet. Even with all of the competition that has sprung up since the park first opened in 1971, people from all over the world have never stopped flocking through its gates. This is a testament to the global popularity of Disney and all of the company’s classic characters. Each year, roughly 25 million people pay a visit to Walt Disney World. This is an amazing accomplishment. All of the competing theme parks in Orlando seem to have cancelled each other out, allowing Walt Disney World to keep attracting tourists.