Sustainable Design Strategies

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The art of design is a form of expressing ideas and concepts about how objects surrounding us should be built and used. The role a product or a system has is defined by its design and it can be perceived in different ways. Over the years, people have tried to find solutions for the environment and for the negative factors that affect it. For example, in order to get rid of the household waste, we use sustainable design as a modality to improve the techniques we use.

Sustainable design has the purpose of eliminating the negative impact that different objects or services have on the environment. Its goal is to develop a long-term relationship between products and their users because this will prevent people from mass consuming.
Another solution for this problem is to use biodegradable products that are not toxic or to recycle the suitable objects.

The impact a bad disposal of garbage has on society:

  • The hazardous waste has contaminated the water, killing tons of fish and destroying all the marine vegetation.
  • The big quantities of garbage that are burned every year in incinerators pollute the air, the water and the soil. This is why the food does not taste like it used to and it does not have the same properties.
  • It affects public health in a negative way.
  • It alters the economy in the regions that are affected.

The role of sustainable design is to apply the following principles in order to have a safe environment:

  • Everyone should choose to use non-toxic materials because they will have a lower impact on the nature.
  • The durability of products should be increased because then the need for new ones and consumption will be reduced.
  • Objects should be designed to be recycled for reuse or they should be biodegradable. This way they can return back in nature without affecting it.
  • All the big industries that pollute the atmosphere must be redesigned and forced to use processes that are safe for the environment.

We must all try to remember that nature and humanity are inter-dependable. They have a strong connection and whatever affects one of them also affects the other. We must realize what the consequences of our acts are and start to improve our behavior. The results of our actions will show in time and we can only hope they are prosperous, because our planet’s future depends on that.