Super Mario Bros Games

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If you were born in the late 70s or the 80’s, then you are probably well aware of the popularity of the Mario Bros games. Unlike the present, when children have countless gaming options, the 70’s and the 80’s had very little choices in matters of video entertaining. Whether it was the lack of choice or the brilliance of the Super Mario games, the Italian-American plumber became a gaming icon. Today we are going to take a look at what made these games so popular and how they evolved over the years.

The Story

The Story of the first Mario Bros games is rather simple. The main hero is an Italian-American plumber who has to save a princess from a fearsome dragon. Despite the fact that the hero is rather modern, the game has a lot of fairy tale elements. On his journey, Mario has to overcome numerous challenges that take place in different environments. Mario also has a brother, Luigi, who often helped him in his challenges. The great thing about the game is that is was very competitive, given the fact that it had and arcade structure. You had to gather coins and other items in order to grow stronger and get certain powers. The highest challenge was of course the dragon who was very hard to defeat. Like most arcade games, Mario was played using a number of lives. If you ran out of lives, you had to start the game again.

The evolution

The classic arcade games were so popular that its producers continued to make it, even though the video industry created numerous other types of games. The Super Mario Bros games were adapted to modern gaming consoles and can even be played on the computer. There are even online games that you can play for free or by paying a small amount of money. The game remained platform based, but the two dimensional structure was modified. Nowadays, there are a lot of three dimensional versions of these games which are a lot more entertaining. They have better graphics, more challenging game plays and better super powers. Don’t be surprised to see that even the princess will join Mario in some of the challenges.

The latest games

The first 3D Super Mario game was launched in 2013 and is thought to be the most complex of all Mario Bros games. The best thing about this game is that it is suitable for four players. This makes the game a great choice for when you have friends over and you want to have some fun and remember your childhood. The game also has a catsuit feature which allows the players to have some amazing powers and skills. If you are tired of the same platform, you might be interested in the Sochi 2013 Olympic Winter Games featuring Mario and another beloved game hero, Sonic.

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