Start Taking Stock of Your Lawn it’s Springtime

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Springtime is when the snow will finally have melted, and you’ll start taking stock of your lawn. This is normally when you’ll notice the brown spots and bald patches after a harsh winter. Along with salting the driveway and walkways in the winter, there are a few other things you shouldn’t do if you want a beautiful lawn.

Never Salt the Driveway

When you salt the driveway or walkways in the winter, the snow and ice will melt into the edges of your lawn. That’s why you’ll notice that the brown patches are on the side of the walkways. It seeps into the soil and causes dead patches of grass. As spring progresses, the salt might be washed away by spring showers, but you should refrain from using salt near the lawn.

Don’t Cut the Lawn too Short

There are a few reasons you shouldn’t cut your grass too short. First, it’ll damage the root system. The roots grow deeper when the grass is cut high. When the roots are deeper, the grass takes in more nutrients. Higher grass also shades the soil from drying. Second, it will be more susceptible to weeds when it’s cut too short. Don’t cut more than the top third of the grass when mowing.

Never Mow After the Rain

The best time to mow the lawn is when the grass is dry. You could slip on the wet grass, but that’s not the only reason. Water weighs down the grass so when you pass over it with the lawnmower, you won’t get a clear cut. It’s easier to spread diseases to the grass through the wet ends too. The only time you should mow wet grass is when it’s a long, rainy period and the grass is growing out of control

Don’t Remove the Clippings

Instead of removing the clippings, you should have a mower that mulches and leaves them behind. The clippings can cover the bare spots in the lawn as well as provide nutrients and nourishment. There is nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in grass that can be used as fertilizer that your lawn requires. It’ll save on water as well since healthy grass absorbs water more efficiently.

Never Use Pesticides

When you use pesticides to kill bugs and herbicides to rid your lawn of weeds, those poisons can harm the environment as well as your lawn. There are good insects and organisms in your lawn that keep it healthy. You want to use organic methods to remove dandelions or weeds from your lawn. It’s safer for the environment, your children and pets.

Whether you’re doing some of the lawn care yourself or hiring a lawn care specialist to do the work, you should never use pesticides or mow after a spring shower. If you want to have a healthy lawn, you have to take care to ensure the root system is healthy and taking in nutrients properly, which won’t happen if the grass is cut too short. The root system is sensitive and must be cared for properly.