Stand-up Paddleboarding Basics

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If you want to experience something new and incredibly fun, then you should go for standup paddleboarding. Standup paddleboards are without a doubt fantastic. It is true that it is quite hard to learn how to use them, but it definitely worth the effort because the result will be spectacular. If you are a beginner, then you will certainly find very useful the following standup paddleboarding basics.

Choose the right stand-up paddle board for you

When it comes to stand-up paddle boards, your choice will actually be determined by a combination of paddler weight and skill as well. Furthermore, the local conditions and your intended use matter a lot, when shopping for a product like this. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take into account these details, in order to get the right item for you. We recommend checking the models available at and read their reviews to determine which board is best for your paddling skills and needs based on their specifications.

Consider the paddle

Stand-up paddles that can be found on the market these days come with an angle in the shaft, for a greater efficiency. What you need to do is to go for a paddle that is 6 to 8-inch taller that your height.

You need to wear a proper equipment

In order to protect your health, you definitely need to wear a proper equipment. If you are going to paddleboard in cool conditions, where hypothermia is definitely a concern, then you must wear a wet or a dry suit. On the other hand, for milder conditions, it is highly recommended to wear a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Furthermore, you can also wear a swimming suit.

The leash is important as well

The leash is usually sold separately. The SUP is a big flotation device, and the leash is a very important item when it comes to your safety. You must make sure you get a leash, which will actually tether your SUP to you. There are many models specially designed for surf, rivers, and flat water as well. Take into account this important detail, in order to choose the correct model for your intended use. All these standup paddleboarding basics presented in this article will definitely help you avoid many unpleasant situations, and just enjoy to the fullest the time spent on the water. This will be an unforgettable situation, without a doubt.