Special Features on a Refrigerator

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Buying an appliance has become increasingly difficult with the multiplication of options, the apparition of new and better brands, and the incredible leaps that technology has made in this field. Now, when you browse the internet or go to a retail store in search of an appliance, you are overwhelmed by the density of information you have to process about each product separately. Sometimes, we read about the features of a product and half of them don’t seem to make sense, or offer an advantage we didn’t even know we needed before reading about it. This is something that occurs quite often with refrigerators, which is why we’ve come up with a list of some of the more special features that the best refrigerator models can have.

These features are not always truly useful, and manufacturers may add them just to make a product seem more appealing and allow them to put a bigger price on it. For example, you may have heard of the Sabbath feature on refrigerators and washing machines; this feature is mainly intended for people who observe Sabbath and need to avoid doing certain chores on that day. On a refrigerator, this option means the lights will stay turned off even when you open the fridge door. One feature everyone can benefit from however is the energy efficiency; if you see a product with Energy Star rating, it means it benefits from innovative technology that allows it to consume less on electricity and water.

A similarly useful feature that the best refrigerator models should have is the defrost feature, which not only saves you time and trouble, but which helps you regulate temperatures in refrigerators much better. The downside is that this feature consumes some extra power. When you see a refrigerator has cabinet rolls and flexible shelves, it means it is much easier to clean on the inside, but that it allows for a customized space inside as well, fitting aliments of different shapes and sizes. Now we want to discuss a very important feature on refrigerators: the automatic ice makers. In our experience, external ice makers should be avoided, because they almost always break down a few months after purchase and are expensive to repair; instead, go for internal ice makers which are situated in the freezer and don’t affect the fridge’s performance too much.

New features are added to our appliances with each new generation; let’s take a look at some of the latest ones you can benefit from, so you know what they are. First, there is the amazing blast chiller from LG, which is a special compartment in the refrigerator that allows you to bring beverages to a drinkable chill in just a few minutes. Some new refrigerators have larger water and ice dispensers, so you can put your pots and pans under them without fearing they will spill. Another feature that you should look for in new fridges is the fresh food feature, which includes the presence of air-flow vents, sensors and evaporators in special containers that allow for a good keeping of fresh produce and perishables. This is why it can make such a big difference for your purchase habits to read refrigerator reviews, because you learn more about the different types of special features. Then, after having read enough refrigerator reviews, you will know what every feature does and whether it is useful to you in particular.

As you can see, not all features on a refrigerator are useful; nevertheless, it all depends on your preferences and needs in the end. And when the budget is not an issue, you can revel in all the marvels that technology brings to make your life that much easier.

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