Six tech essentials for 2018

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Technology is advancing and evolving to the point where you wouldn’t understand how past generations lived without the beauty of apps or wifi internet. It’s such a common thing in people’s lives nowadays that you can’t fathom living without it. There’s many new tech systems unveiled each year and it’s always a hot topic for potential customers. 2018 is no exception, there’s a bunch of hot technologies coming out and you’d be hard pressed not to at least take a gander at these cool gadgets and accessories. Here are six essential tech accessories that you should consider in 2018:

1. Seagate 1TB External HardDrive

Seagate’s 1TB External HardDrive is a great addition to your computer system if you’re running low on space. It packs a weighty punch in the form of 1000GBs of free space
and doesn’t come at a hefty price tag, usually ranging from £35 to £45 at most major retail outlets. Seagate has some great features built into its storage products, like dual backup support, compatibility with media devices (consoles and TVs), up to 220MBs of formatting speed and generally stellar driver performance. If your device needs a boost in storage, it’s suggested you consider the 1TB HardDrive from trusted manufacturer Seagate. They are one of the best in the industry.

2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the best smartspeakers on the market, it pioneered the trend of people using voice-directed assistants in their everyday lives. You can use it via the convenient Alexa App to make calls, set alarms/notifications, read articles and order food. The cost of the product has dropped dramatically throughout 2017 and it’s affordable, especially relative to the quality you receive. The speaker comes in various colours to channel your inner Picasso.

3. Belkin Wireless Phone Charger Pad

Wireless charger-supported Smartphones have been extremely popular this year, Samsung and iPhone brand models have been following suit by allowing users the chance to charge their phones through the pad alone. It’s a really great asset for someone who needs a lighting fast refill and can’t be bothered with unreliable wired chargers. Belkin offer quality in all of their products and the wireless charger pad is no exception.

4. Moov Now

The Moov Now is a conveniently-sized fitness tracker designed for attachment around your wrist, it has the ability to track various physical exercises, right from morning jogs to underwater swimming. This is the best feature of the Moov Now, it has so many more trackable activities than other competitors on the market.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

This camera situates on the high-end of the market and has the cool capability of printing out pictures instantaneously, there’s some rather innovative features associated with this product like multiple shutter and comprehensive settings for light altering. A great gift for someone deep into the hobby of photography.

6. Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

For the newfound phenomenon known as mobile printing, Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer can print dozens of pictures right from your phone in stunning HD quality. An awesome inclusion by the manufacturer is the 25 sheets that come with every purchase of the printer. That’s 25 prints at no cost, great value for the customer and overall, a superb product for all your paper needs.

With all this talk about mobile accessories, we’d like to point out the importance of covering yourself against high costs. Some outlets offer really cheap phone insurance this covers damages made to your phone and repays the cost accordingly. It’s a wise thing to consider, especially in these fast-moving times.