Simple tricks to look stylish even during the winter

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Simple tricks to look stylish even during the winter

Baby, it’s cold outside. But this doesn’t mean that we have to look sloppy and forget that we can still be stylish when the temperatures drop. Women all over the world find dressing stylishly in the winter a daunting task. Nonetheless, women from central and western Europe have learnt how to remain stylish in their harsh winter climates. If you want to preserve your fashion sense even when the weather is not on your side, keep reading the advice below.


Consider a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are incredible choices if you don’t want to spend too much time planning your outfits. The whole philosophy behind them is finding items that match and that you can combine easily. You should choose clothing articles that fit the same colour scheme. Neutrals work wonderfully in capsule wardrobes. You will also look stylish wearing them. So, what should you include in your winter capsule wardrobe?

  • Two coats, in different neutral colours. Grey and beige shades work incredibly and will offer you a business-casual style.
  • Three pairs of black jeans. When the temperatures drop, you can combine those with different blouses and cardigans and preserve your fashion sense. They are also incredibly versatile and should be present in everybody’s wardrobe.
  • Three cardigans in neutral colours. We mentioned it previously, the whole concept gravitates around neutral colours. Buy several cardigans to wear during the winter and you can create a multitude of looks if you combine those with different shirts.
  • Consider purchasing several pullover dresses for the cold season. Combine those with leggings in different colours. You will create outfits that look stylish and edgy.
  • Three pairs of boots will keep your feet warm and dry, even when the snowfall volumes become concerning. Many women make a huge mistake and go purchase snow boots or trekking boots. Instead of buying bulky items consider investing in sleeker versions. They must be impermeable but still fashionable. Purchase a pair of flat boots and a pair of heeled boots and you’ll be settled for the whole winter.
  • Sweaters are also a great choice if you want to remain warm and stylish. They come in different knit styles and you can transition those from daytime to night time with no issuer. Here, you can add a pop of colour. Emerald green and burgundy sweaters look amazing and tend to mix well with all other neutral colours in your wardrobe.
  • Consider purchasing two silk tank tops for your nights out. You can combine those with a cardigan and a pair of black jeans, and you will look simply stunning.

Choose boots with a pointed toe

If you want to make your legs look longer and supple, consider investing in pointed toe shoes. Choose flat boots or boots that have a small heel. This way, walking in snowy or icy conditions becomes significantly easier. If you don’t want to worry about slip and fall incidents, try to find boots with appropriate soles. You might find winter boots particularly uncomfortable. To fix this problem invest in a pair of silicone insoles.

Mix and match different elements of your outfits

To remain stylish and always fashionable when the temperatures drop, try to mix and match different elements of the same outfit. The fashion experts at Boutique 1 recommend you to match your beanie with your coat or your jumper with your pair of boots. Coordinate your outfits chromatically and nobody will contest your fashion sense. Considering the fact that you are the happy owner of a capsule wardrobe, this will be a child’s play.

Clean out through your sweaters

There is a fine line between looking comfy and stylish and looking sloppy. The quality of your clothing articles mainly determines this small detail. Usually, we are guilty of wearing sweaters that have an unpleasant appearance. Overly-worn sweaters can spoil the general look of an otherwise incredible outfit. So, before fall begins, make sure to ditch all those pullovers that are not suitable for your public appearances. Donate what you don’t find aesthetically pleasing but is still in good shape. If your items’ only problem is pilling, invest in a sweater shaver. This little gadget is a game changer. You will get to wear your beloved sweaters without any noticeable signs of usage.

Try different textures for different results

If you want to elevate a daytime look to a night time outfit, swap your regular pair of jeans for a pair of leather leggings. You can play with different textures to create different visual effects. Combine a baggy sweater with a pair of leather leggings and a pair of high heel boots, add some accessories and you’re all set up for a night out!

Learn how to layer properly

There is a golden rule of dressing for cold weather: layering. If you learn how to layer your outfits successfully, you will achieve great levels of comfort and stylishness. Learn how to combine different textures and colour and how to coordinate your outfits with success. Layering might seem too complicated for many of us, but the rule is a simple one: don’t overdo it. Like anything else fashion-wise, overdoing something will spoil the final result. You can avoid this easily if you take a final look at your outfit before leaving the house. Assess if there are areas that could use less fabric. If you think that you’ll be cold, add a scarf and a pair of gloves. For the short intervals spent in the harsh winter cold, it will suffice.  

These simple pieces of advice will help you maintain a stylish appearance when the temperatures drop significantly. Pay more attention to how women in Europe handle dressing in cold weather and you will learn some valuable lessons. There is always a way to look and feel incredible, even if the weather is not on your side. Most importantly, always invest in high-quality clothing articles. The difference will be a noticeable one.

Don’t hesitate to express your individuality through your outfits, even when the temperatures drop and you dread even the thought of leaving your home.