Simple Prom Hairstyles

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When it comes to prom night most teenage girls go crazy over the smallest of details. However one of the major aspects that you need to focus on is the hair which will be one of the most important parts of your look. Luckily, 2013 is a year that has reinvented some classy yet simple prom hairstyles. The inspiration comes from the 50s as well as the 70s so get ready for some classy updos, messy buns and creative braids.

Braids, braids and more braids
If you want to make your own braided prom hairstyle you need to be a little handy as some braids are a little more challenging. However, if your fingers can run through your hair without problems than we have some suggestions of simple prom hairstyles. We will start with the side braid which is extremely popular and quite easy to create. You can style your hair in loose, wavy curls or you can gather it all in a low bun. When you are done you simply braid a strain of hair on one side of the hair. For more inspiration check out the many braided hairstyles of Leighton Meiseer, popular Gossip Girl star. Another great prom hairstyle is the waterfall braid which involves leaving most of your hair loose. You take two strains of hair, one from each side of the head and you braid it around the back of the head. The braid can be vertical or even inclined.

The bun
There are many breathtaking buns that you can see on various red carpet events but unless you have a high class hair stylist you are unlikely to obtain any of those looks. However, a small trick can help you achieve a great look. All you need is the bun hair piece. It is a hair accessory that looks like a doughnut and it is very easy to use. You simply style your hair into an updo ponytail. Then you put the bun accessory around the ponytail and you twist the hair around it until your hair covers the whole accessory. If you are looking for more romantic yet equally simple prom hairstyles you can try low, side buns and maybe complete them with side braids. For a messy look you can remove a few strains of hair from the bun. If you are missing the bun hair piece, you can get the same results by using a sock which has the toe part cut. Just make sure that it is completely covered by the hair.

The sad part is that you can’t really try these hairstyles if you have short haircuts, and your only option would be to wear some temporary extensions that would give more volume to a bun or allow you to create a faux half up, half down hairstyle. And if you love your short haircuts, just add a bit more volume than usual or some curls, and you’ll be set for an elegant evening.

The twisted headband
The headband is a rather old hair accessory but its popularity has increased a lot in the last year as it also acquired some new uses. You can easily create a romantic, retro hairstyle using this hair piece. You can also use it to create some simple prom hairstyles and even some natural curls. If you are fascinated by the Great Gatsby style than we have the perfect hairstyles for you. You simply place a thin headband on your head ( it looks better if your hairs is straitened) and you start twisting strands of hair around the band. In order to obtain a uniform look it is better that you take small strands of hair. You do this until your whole hair is twisted around the band. Before you know it you will be having a great hairstyle that only took a few minutes to be created. If you are interested in some wavy curs we recommend spending the night with your hair twisted around the band. If you are looking for a more romantic look you can just twist the upper part of your hair around the band and leave the rest of the hair loose.

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