Router Table Buying Guide – Do Not Buy Before Reading it!

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Do you want to buy a router table in the near future but you don’t know what details you should take into account when shopping for a tool like this? If you are in this situation, then you must be well informed about what to do, in order to make the right choice for you. The time you spend on research will make up for your investment so don’t hesitate to analyze websites like that is packed with helpful information on the best products available.

Learning more about the best picks will guarantee that you will choose the most reliable unit even if you are not the most experienced woodworker who knows how to handle any router table. Moreover, you will certainly find very useful the following router table buying guide.

The top and the base plate must be flat and rigid

It is very important that the router table you purchase has a rigid and flat top. This means that it will provide a high precision so that you can obtain perfect results. The rigidity of the top is very important due to 2 reasons: it helps the router table to not flex and this means that you will obtain accurate cuts, and the table will support very well the weight of the router without defecting. Therefore, make sure you go for a tool with a flat and rigid top. A flat and rigid base plate will have a positive impact on the functioning of the table. A solid phenolic base plate will be an excellent choice.

The fence must be easy-to-position and accurate as well

When it comes to controlling the cut, what you actually need to do is to keep your workpiece pressed against the fence. Therefore, you need a table with a fence that it is up to the task. You will find in shops router tables with 2 types of fences: a 1-piece fence and a 2-piece fence. It is highly recommended to go for a tool with a 1-piece fence, due to the fact that this type of fence is solid, straight, and it doesn’t have an alignment problem like tables with 2-pieces fence have.

The base must definitely be stable and sturdy

This is another important feature that the chosen tool must have so that you can obtain excellent results. For very clean and crisp cuts, you must keep your workpiece in a consistent contact with the cutter, and then advance it at a very smooth rate. You will accomplish this only if the base of your router table is stable and sturdy as well. Working on a table that is shifting or wobbling will definitely not help you at all to obtain the desired result. Therefore, have in mind this detail when shopping for a router table. All in all, this router table buying guide will certainly help you choose a product absolutely great for your needs.

Quick listing of mistakes you must avoid at all costs

Now that you have a better idea of what you must look into when making this purchase, let us take a fast glimpse at the mistakes you have to avoid at all costs as they could ultimately lead to you spending your money on a poor quality routing table. Thus, let us stop wasting time and move on to listing these mistakes you must circumvent:

  • Purchasing the routing table based solely on the recognition of the brand manufacturing it: Even trustworthy, renowned companies make mistakes once in a while so you cannot allow yourself to remain hung up on something as silly as brand notoriety. Instead of putting blind trust in a manufacturer solely for its general public perception, put the quality of the product to the test before actually purchasing it.
  • Underestimating project size: Although at the moment you might still be in the minor league, doing small projects in your garage, you never know how fast your skill level will rise. As you get better at woodworking, your projects will become much more ambitious, meaning that you will require a larger working area. Avoid buying a small table that suits your skill level and ambitions at the moment by purchasing a more professional product from the get-go.
  • Overlooking dust collection: Woodworking shops and garages where DIYers put together these types of projects ultimately become messy spaces fast. While this is an understandable occurrence, what would not be understood is for you to skip on dust collection. The cleanliness of your work surface is crucial to the end result so you cannot expect to produce amazing quality projects if dust and debris have gotten in your way 90% of the time. With a dust collection port, you will be able to clean the working area in no time using your shop vac and tend to finish the perfect woodworking project.