Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids

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Children are the ones that enjoy Halloween the most. That is why you must try to enhance this fun celebration for them in the best way possible. Funny costumes and decorations are the best choice when it comes to preparing for this special day. We recommend you to try these easy pumpkin decorating ideas for kids that will make your little ones jump for joy.

Here are the simplest tricks that will teach you how to make your child happy without making big efforts:

1. If you don’t want to make a mess by carving the pumpkin, use the pumpkin decorating ideas for kids that imply giving a shape to this precious item by turning to objects that you no longer use. A zipper could help you create the pumpkin’s mouth, while you could use buttons to make its eyes, and nails to make its hair.

2. You can opt for making a mummy pumpkin by simply wrapping bandage around it, and applying eyes made from paper between the layers of bandage.

3. The bat pumpkins are always a great idea, especially if your kid is a Batman’s fan. The first thing you need to do is paint the pumpkins black and let them to dry completely. Then, you have to cut a matching pair of wings from a solid board, and push them on each side of the pumpkin. The ears must have a triangle shape, and you can make them from the same board that you used for the wings. Remember that all these elements have to be black. The last things that you need to do is to make the bat pumpkin’s eyes from white paper, draw a black dot in each one of them with a marker, and use glue to apply them on the pumpkin. You don’t have to worry about drawing a mouth or a nose, because these special bats don’t need such things.

4. One of the easiest pumpkin decorating ideas for kids involves creating a ballplayer pumpkin. What you have to do is carve holes in the case for the eyes, and track white paper in them. Next, you need to use a black marker to draw the eyeballs and the black lines below the eyes. Use the carving knife to create the player’s nose and to make a small hole in the place where the mouth is supposed to be. You will have to blow up a pink balloon and put it in the ballplayer’s mouth so that it will look like a gum bubble. We recommend you to add a baseball hat for a more realistic look.

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